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The premise of this forum will be to help window cleaning businesses optimize their marketing efforts along with creating ideas for breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs are not creating the first ________, breakthroughs are discoveries which we can start using in our business. Whether the idea comes from a window cleaner or pest control business does not matter.

Turning those undiscovered gems into a beautiful necklace is what we are trying to do.

[B]WARNING[/B]: Arguing and attacking people will not be tolerated here. This is going to be a reinforcement and helping hand forum.

I look forward to your questions and ideas as we are all learning. Please feel free to share whatever it is you want opinions on. [B]Everyone[/B] is invited to give their suggestions and advice.

thank you


Sounds to good to be true. I sure hope you are good at 50 questions. I have about 10,000,000 of them. Marketing is not my strongest point and I think this area will be one of the best. Two heads are better than one and the whole WCR nation…well thats just mind blowing.

Way to give back Paul! My first question is - are you coming to Iowa?:smiley:

I am very seriously thinking about it

God help you if me [I]and[/I] Chris show up… Iowa will never be the same

gimme my money back :smiley:

Good luck with this, and I’ll post here soon.
Would you offer marketing materials reviews ?

Here’s a question?

There are some theories that “if” you send post cards/fliers out you will start receiving return in 2-3months from then.
The idea is you start mailing in January to get the phone crazy around March.
Personally that’s the way things happen to me.

I get 500-1000 fliers out in a specific area, and I don’t see any return until 2-3 months from then…

SO, with that said, what’s the point of a call to action that expires in (example) 30 days???

thanks Paul!

Your call to action might not be really effective if they wait 2 or 3 months to call you.
I know where you are coming from and that happens to me too, so I might be doing it wrong, but my postcards don’t incorporate a really strong offer neither a short expiration date.
That really doesn’t work well here, they’ll call you, when they need it, my market won’t leave everything to call you now to save 30 or 40 bucks, so that’s why I play it that way

Ohhh, this is Paul’s place :eek:

Hey Guys,
The whole flyer thing doesn’t seem 2 go well w/ many home owners around here(flying around their neighborhoods, thrown on their driveways, etc.). I have always taken the time 2 research the neighborhoods myself and send out postcards. Guranteed to get at least in the door of every prospective client. Much more costly than flyers but I am all about image followed by quality.
Even though for me, postcards are the way 2 go, last spring I sent out 1400 postcards w/ 3 calls for estimates and landed 1 new job. That job covered the costs of sending out the postcards but honestly, I expected more people 2 inquire. For instance, there was this particular road of 75 or so homes and the average home’s value was 1.25 million and there were a few that were $2million +. Received 1 call from that road and it was from some1 who liked my postcard and wanted 2 advertise for me. And lets face it, it sucks going in2 a new job cold, w/ out referral. Just my experience, hope it helps

The problem is likely that whatever you are offering for instant response, or the way which you are offering it is weak.

One thing we need to do is create sense of urgency (more so in this volcanic economy). Here is an extremely basic look at what I am talking about-


Of course change it to whatever you want. This is just an example of adding some value and building urgency

I am all about calls that lead to deposits in my account. Image is subjective and certainly not enhanced by a postcard. That is a personal thing

If I told you how much of my customer list came from basic b/w fliers you would be stunned.

Direct mail is the way to go if it is in the budget and the card is good. That said I get a 5 to 1 with fliers and spend half on doing it. (only save about $500 each series :eek:)

I just can’t abandon that, but a lot of people on here are in areas that do not have the resources I have for distributing fliers.

As for the high end homes- I have this community of wealthy homeowners that I was lucky enough to call 3 of my customer (one of them referred me to the other two). One thing I like to always do is leverage something. Leverage is power.

At this time I was pretty broke but I did have $20 and a computer. I went to the office supply store and got some nice stationary and a box of presentation folders and some giant yellow envelopes.

I went home and created a 1 page sales letter (mentioned their neighbors in the first paragraph), a separate page devoted to risk reversal (guarantee, insurance, again brought the neighbors that trust me with their home). I had an offer which I can’t remember what it was.

I made 50 of these, drove to the area, pulled out my pen and wrote each address on the front, went to all of their newspaper boxes (which are privately owned) and stuck it in there. It looked important and certainly unlike anything they have seen.

I added 3 more houses to my list. One home was 11,000 sq ft (which was horrid! a WFP would have been amazing there)

When we can get our foot in the door and have 5 or 6 neighbors in these exclusive communities, it’s huge. Leverage!

I would never have been able to get these homes with a tiny postcard, let alone adding $2,000 to my bank account when I was dead broke. ($20 for $2000 is pretty good I think)

If I would have limited myself to assumed perceptions I may not have stuffed their paper box with a fancy flier… and I would have lost.

I would use a letter via direct mail now for this neighborhood (not a flimsy postcard). That would not cost very much and we have more opportunity to sell them on our service.

anyway, just some thoughts…

wow! I see your point…
thanks paul

That’s a good thing!