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It’s pretty neat you guys have joined forces. And you don’t mind having similar names.

UK Window cleaning is pretty cool. In that from what I’ve seen that the general public are more aware and show more respect to window cleaners. You actually clean peoples houses many times each year, but you seem to charge less money.

It’d be cool to learn more from the UK folks. I’m sure some of the their methods could work well in Canada and US.

UK winda-kleena’s get to do each house once a month. Which is great, but the monotony is painful seeing the same place over & over again. But there again, you only need 200 customers & you’re set!

Chris, Alex - don’t be shy deleting the memberships of any ‘yobbo’s’ that get your back up. On the English forums, this is a common thing. Make sure they behave!

Hi everyone.

Thanks Chris, Alex for the introduction on the video blog.

As Alex said, I’m sure we can learn a lot from each other.

For instance I read on here that you can get applicators as long as 30".

Where are they from?

The longest I’ve seen available in the UK is 22". We have the Sorbo eliminator squeegee, but I don’t know many that use it to be honest.

Is the wagtail (from Australia) catching on over there yet?

Just a quick note to those of you that received my invitation to join the forum recently…

As Alex says in the video blog in the top right corner and at the beginning of this thread, we’d like your help in making this an international forum where we can exchange ideas and learn from each others ways of doing things.

So why not join in and have a look around.

While you are here - look out for The Naked Window Cleaner - Kevin of Paneless Perfection. He does a podcast every Monday with some good, free marketing advice.


I’m in Northern Ireland. Glad to be part of the forum, looking forward to swapping ideas. Jimmy

Welcome all you UK’ers.

Hopefully we can help each other out in the days ahead!

Greeting to all you mates from across the pond! I know a few of you by name & e-mailings but always a pleasure seeing all you come aboard.


Its nice to join a forum with a difference.


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