Went and did sales today..Windex All in One

I was out trying to add some accounts today…all store front.

I went to a Landscaping place that just changed owners. It has about 10 windows and would have been a nice little job. Windows were filthy. I went inside and the lady showed me the box for the new Windex All in One (where you clean the windows outside and then hose them off) and told me she was going to do it.

As soon as I saw the commercial for that the other day, I figured that it would probably take some money out of our pockets for a little while at least.

In that situation I wouldve done one of the windows free of charge. Then she can do the rest and see the difference.

also if they have HARD water, it will leave hard water streaks… …
Add up the cost of a box and THEIR labor and time…
BUT like a lot of NEW stuff, it will disappear shortly when the short comeings come out…

I actually have a job tomorrow to “fix” the hardwater stains left behind by the HO wanting to diy it with the windex kit. 8 panes so lets see how it goes…

As soon as she said those words, I’m on the attack. In a nice way of course. You could say something like "Oh - ok, well here’s my card, give me a call after a couple months of hosing them off. You’ll need hardwater treatment - It only runs $25 per pane. Have a good day and thanks for your time…

I don’t think that stuff will work very good.

Really? Nahhh there’s no reason to be negative, she can do as she pleases…

Maybe the same sentence, just worded differently though. +1 on the one free window


I am not sure why we would fire back with a comment like that. We may as well go
to war with every rejection we get. I don’t blame this women for wanting to try this
herself… and I don’t care because it does not work well.

Windex has had this product out for awhile. It will not effect our business.

People hire us window cleaners for a reason…None of that stuff works. Don’t let Windex or any other product discourage you. A few years ago a product by Mr. clean was supposed to let you just spray down your car and not leave spots. It even got air time in the news. Where are they now?

You guys are right and tbh I probably wouldn’t be rude about it, but I’d make sure she understood in the long run she may be spending more trying to do them herself than hiring me.

A. She wouldn’t believe you, so it’s pointless

B. How much time would you spend on trying to convince someone
with 10 windows they need your service?

Get ready for a LONG day

She would have no choice of believing after a couple months of hosing them off and seeing the mineral deposits :slight_smile:

My original post was a little far fetched, I would leave her on friendly terms so when she saw I was speaking the truth, I may get the call.

5 minutes of talking X 5 hours marketing in period of one day = between 40 and 60 leads (we both know 40 leads in one day isn’t realistic, just using the number)
If I get just 2 of these calls and can average that per day… Well you know the numbers Paul.

I think it’s well worth spending a little time explaining and educating.

We all know this stuff is a joke, but they’ll surely have to find out for themselves. Tough love.

Maybe, unless they are just making excuses because they are not interested. I don’t have to to
decipher that.

AND we are talking about a 10 window job. Not worth it (to me)

I’ll take 400 monthly “ten window jobs” - Oh wait, I already have appx 400. I’ll take 400 more please!!