Went and gave 4 estimates today

Had 4 estimates today in a very nice neighborhood today. All were around $1000. The first house was a mansion on the water. Total estimate was $2300 for in and out. It was all french windows. When I got there my jaw dropped. He had assistants and a staff. Every time I go out and give estimates the houses get bigger and bigger. When I was leaving a house a guy stopped me and told me to give him a estimate on his. It was somewhere around $900 in and out maybe more. It’s just crazy went from given $20 store front estimates to $2300 Residential estimates. Didn’t land any but they all sound interested. I feel around April I’m going to get a ton of calls. Seems like everyone wants to wait till then. Just wanted to tell everyone about my good day. Seems like everything I hear is negative stuff.

Sounds like a great day to me. Now hit them up with a thank you letter and a reminder that your schedule is booking up for the spring and that they’ll receive $75 off if they book by the end of April(or something like that).

Wow hope you get the gig on those homes and hope to see some pics of the $2300 house.

Didn’t have batteries in my camera. But if I get the job it will.

Great job Justin!

If they want the cleaning done in April, or somehow indicate that, don’t be scared to get a commitment from them on that.

Of course, don’t word it like that. Simply ask them “Can I pencil you in for the first week in April to insure that I’ll have time to take care of you?”

Go get em Justin!

What Micah said sounds a little pushy maybe, but it might be just my perception.

Don’t forget to follow up, there iswhen most of us (speaking for myself) fail, don’t let them forget you.

Hope you get 'em

Gotta love Hilton Head :slight_smile:

Say “You sound interested, why don’t we put you down for April 3rd?” (or whatever)

They didn’t say no So they were interested. I agree a follow up letter in the next couple of days Asking … Is the week of April whatever good tfor your schedule ?

Good job anyway. I have seen bids come back to me a yr later on residential. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Top Notch,

That sounds excellent. Is there any new marketing strategy that you attribute 4 high end estimates in one day to?

Your post really caught my attention as that is where i am beginning to focus my sights (the high end, high price jobs).

-christopher t
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