Went to a Chamber of Commerce Business expo

Hey guys I think this is where I post this.Went to my local Chamber of Commerce business expo tonight and the Westin. Had a pretty good time. Never went to one before didn’t know what I was doing. Just dressed nice and went. It was $10 to get in. All you can drink Bud and Bud light/ Coke. All you can eat orderves? Sorry… Passed out a bunch of cards. There were a couple cleaning companies that were interested. I think I got my money’s worth just from the beer and food. Plus I got to hang out with this beautiful girl I met the other day that works for a phone book publisher. Might be going back tomorrow to hang out with her and drink free drinks. All in all I made a good decision. Next time you local Chamber has a expo GO!

Now that’s a smart phone book publisher!

Now are you a member of the chamber, or was it open to the general public, as long as you paid $10.00?

I don’t see how networking like that can do anything but help you.

It was open to the public. It’s funny went to a meeting and found out she lives right down the street from me. Will see how it goes.

A couple of years ago, at the IWCA Convention, they gave a seminar on networking. A Very effective way to put yourself out there.

Went again tonight. Won a coffee maker. Yippy.

What’s the frequency of these meetings Justin?

I think they have one every month. But the Expo is once a year. I talked to someone that had a booth. They paid around $500 to rent the table and it’s $500 a year to be a member. That’s big $$$ for me right now. He told me its really cliqueish if that’s a word. A lot of big company were there. Hospitals, Radio Stations, Spas, you name it, it was there. I want to be a part of it. I think it would help my company move up to the next level.

Found out I won some free advertising from the Expo today. It’s for some Latin magazine. Oh well better then nothing.

Just got a voice mail from Adventure Radio Group saying I won $1000 in advertising from this business expo. 2 months later. Crazy.