WFP and Residential Work

Who out there is using WFP for 1x or 2x per year residential work? How has it been working for you?


I’ve been using my pure water setup for those types of accounts and more. Just yesterday we had a first time home that was double hungs w/ full screens. Because of this the windows were not that bad. A few didn’t have screens and for those I scrubbed w/ the wfp then w/ a steel wool sleeve then another scrub w/ the wfp and a good rinse. They turned out fabulous!

wut kind of wf system do you have?
and also do have a link to the steel wool sleeve

My system is pretty basic a prefilter to get the chlorine and sediment out before my WCR 1/2 cubic foot DI tank. I use a Tucker (The Golden Noodle) pole and for the shorter stuff an old Unger Hi-Flo brush (got to replace this soon).
The steel wool sleeves are from J Racenstein (apologies to Chris and Alex). I however am still using the rather large batch I got from The Legend Jim Willingham.

We use it on a ton of Residential. On some homes, the glass is clean enough, (by maybe being protected by screens or what have you), that we use it on the first clean, and just keep right on going from there. On some of our quarterly homes we use it right through the screens.

About a year and a half ago I did a 3 story apartment complex right on Lake Pontchartrain that had 2500 windows. I gave the manager a choice, get on ladders, take the screens off, use traditional methods, get back on ladders put the screens back on, …or let me stand on the ground and WFP the window with the screen on. I did 2 windows side by side, one with squeegee and stripper, and the other with the WFP. When it dried I said “which one is cleaner”. From 5 feet away she couldn’t tell. Then I showed her little dots of paint on the WFP window and said with this method these wont come off, but her bill was going to be about $5000.00 cheaper than with the squeegee,
(and my guy’s weren’t going to have to climb up and down the ladder about 1600 times!!).

She chose the WFP and we all were happy!!

Charlie Laurie
Slidell La.

Of course, Eric knows me…and that i used wfp as often as is possible.

Pull the trigger dude.

I do. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The more you use a WFP the more you will start to figure out when and where it will work best.

We just cleaned a house that hadn’t been cleaned in 8 years last week. The windows came out perfect with the WFP.

“Pull the tirgger, dude.” Ya, Ya, Ya. I know. Phil, you been helping me with this decision for what, 7 months and I’m still taking aim with an unsighted scope? (Can you tell by the analogy that it’s dear hunting season here in the northwoods?). Go figure.


I use mine about 2 times per week here. For a 1st time cleaning I will get nose to glass, after that it’s WFP. It does save a ton of time. Just an example, on a nose to glass house that takes 3 hours, with a wfp on the 2nd clean it’s cut down to about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. That’s a big increase in profit. I use an Ionics RO/DI Mobile spotless system. Not sure there are many left. When I bought mine there was only 3 left and I heard 1 got purchased. But who knows. If your going to stick with res and use a WFP make sure most of your homes do not have storm windows as you can’t use the system with those.

WFP is great …Just make sure you buy from a reputable company that you can get a hold of in case you have any questions concerns or problems…You sure dont want to be calling someone and them not returning your phone calls or answering your questions in an appropriate manner or time frame…WFP systems are popping up and just about everyone is trying to “get in the game”…If your gonna drop coin on something like that do your due diligence.