WFP Brush fan jets vs pencil jets?

I currently have a Tucker pole and a nylon Tucker brush. I was told that I could get an adapter for the pole to upgrade to a better cleaning European style brush. I have been wondering about fan Jets or pencil jets, and the pros or cons of each!
Do I want a brush that has both built in?
I hope this isn’t like the soap war. (dish vs glass gleam)
Thanks for your replies!


pencil jets are the best for your everyday needs. Fan jets have their place when dealing with hydrophobic windows. Pencil jets are much easier to be precise with. I have 4 brushes that are dual jetted and recommend them. It’s cheaper than buying separate brushes just for the jets. I prefer my dual jetted Vikan brushes over the new dual trim black ones.

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If you can I’d go w/ a brush head that has dual jets (both pencil and fan). You can switch back and forth when you need to. Fan jets are great for dealing w/ hydrophobic glass.

Brennon you must have customary them as Vikan does not make a dual jetted brush

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Matt the Tucker brush is the best on the market

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Yes Sir!

Now if they would only make them fit Euro threads and dual jetted.

I think it was Phil Alexander that suggested the fan jets for windows with a lot of chalking paint coming off the frames, and I thought he said that a European brush may be better!
I hope I got it straight as we talked about a lot on the phone.

You can custom them for euro threads with the Unger parts. Check out my YouTube video

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Brennon, Is this the one (Vikin 12 inch) you have?


The dual jetted brush that RHG supplies in 12" and 16" is the go to brush for hundreds at this point.

Its great to have both options there when needed.

That is what you call a ‘sill brush’ or ‘hi/low’ brush.

The one Brennon has is just a rectangular 12" brush.

Shawn, are the fan jets on your dual jetted brush the deluxe fan jets or the standard ones? The standard ones just don’t cut it for me.

Yup. Premium fan jets and standard pencil jets.

RHG no longer offers the ‘standard’ fan jets because they are not reliable enough for us or our customers. We have gone to the premium ones only.

That’s good news! The Deluxe ones I bought from you a while back are so much better than the old ones. Glad to here that the Deluxe ones are now standard.

Yes, the feedback we received on the others was not positive so they had to go.

Glad to hear you’re happy with the new ones.

What’s the difference? Why are the premium jets better than standard ones?

The previous ones were machined out of metal. Lots of room for error.

The new ones are made out of plastic from an injection mold. The same quality product every time.

I guess what I want to know is, what happens when the jet is of poor quality? Why is the quality jet any better?