WFP + Cargo Bikes

I recently have started up a window cleaning company in Chicago and we utilize cargo bikes for our storefront work. I have two Hudson backpacks and am trying to utilize them and WFP for this route work. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on how to make this work? Water access can be hard to find at each storefront so maybe it’s just more practical to do traditional methods? I have attached a picture of one of our bikes as well.

Let me know if anyone out there has an idea of how to make it work.

I thought about giving each bike a DI unit to hook up when downtown…there are spots for water we would just have to find them. It may be too much and maybe I should just stick with the traditional methods like we have been doing! Let me know your thoughts.

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Those bikes are off the chain bro!

Cool bikes Ryan!!

How long have you been doing store fronts in Chicago?

I started a different window cleaning co a year ago with a friend and we parted ways and my new company has been going since November. I have been cleaning widows for about 1.5 years and had the idea for these bikes a little over a year ago. We love them in the Chicago traffic!

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How many stores on your route and how many miles do you travel on the bikes?

Weight wise I would think staying trad would be less weight then di tanks and such use your cargo bike.

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Such a great idea! I’ve wanted to do this in Denver for awhile now and just haven’t gotten around to it.

WFP work on a mobile unit like that would be challenging indeed. I’m sure you are gonna want to stay as light as possible so the Unger HiFlo DI Vessel might be kinda slick. What is the tds at in Chicago?

Very cool. If I had routes close enough together, I would love to do this. Sorry I can’t help you with your question.

what amount of weight do you thing you could peddle around all day?? doesn’t chicago have some pretty harsh winters??

Those bikes are OFF THE CHAIN! I would love to be in an area which those could be utilized. Awesome!

It looks like you have a matching green vehicle in the shop as well. Is that for cold days when you dont want to ride?

Don’t even think of trying this, someone would steal your tools AND your bike, he would probably look like this:

LMAO !! I told you not to post my pic on line man.

I dont have the energy anymore to peddle my *** around on cool Cargo Bike like that!

Yes. We have a wrapped Mini Cooper we utilize for real cold days for our route work.

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TDS is around 50 or so. That is the unit I was thinking about. Do you know anything good or bad about it?

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We do have harsh winters. In the winter I think we would go traditional methods. In the spring-fall I would love to utilize the WFP.

The bikes can carry 450lbs including the rider. I think realistically no more than an additional 75-125 lbs could be peddled around all day long.

We are also going to be putting an electric assist kit on the bikes to help with the stop and go and help employees legs a bit throughout the week.

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A mini is on my “list” of service vehicles.
Hows it working for ya??
You carry poles on a rack??

Poles and sectional ladders on a Thule rack and cargo carrier. It’s small but really sticks out and if you can make it work is worth it. IMO.

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The Unger HiFlo Di is what I use currently I like the tank, it’s a handy easy size, but my TDS is running around 150 so I this next summer I plan on upgrading to something a little more powerful. I would think it would fit pretty well into a bike setup like yours - as long as you are able to find a water source.

Hey Ryan like the bike idea . Something your going to have to think about if you
Have your guys use wfp is theft . At some point they will have to go an do an inside
Or a backdoor talk to a customer use the bathroom ect. I think jmo traditional for store
Fronts is the way to go. I think it is just as fast if not faster.

I TOTALLY agree!