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Can you post a picture? I love small cars for route work. We currently have a honda element for route work and love it

I don’t do a lot of storefronts and the ones I do are in the suburbs , having what I have to think a lot less traffic ( pedestrian) than the city. I’d be afraid the water run-off from the WFP being much more than traditional could cause some problems and maybe open you up to people coming after you for slipping ect. Either way you do it, those bikes are great.

why couldn’t you do both? be equipped for trad, but have a small di unit as well?

imho, the best solution would be to build your own DI setup. I would use a big blue 20" sump with a 4"x20" refillable cartridge. It’s much lighter than the fiberglass tanks and plenty durable. much cheaper too. I would add a 10" carbon sediment pre-filter. with such low tds, you could get a lot of mileage out of that setup. buy mixed bed resin in bulk from WCR or a local water softener supplier.

you could have a 6 gal jerry can, small di setup and pre-filter, a 12 volt pump and a small deep cycle battery with about a 2’x2’ footprint. my guess is it would weigh less than 80 lbs.

Here’s my thought on it. Traditional is probably going to be faster overall for most storefronts. But you’ll have some situations where something like the wagtail jetstream could really speed things up. So focus on carrying a limited amount of water, and forget about portable purification systems.

The way I see it, the “convenience” of having a lightweight, portable DI system for making water on the go is going to be negated by:
The need to find water sources
Time taken to refill the water tank
The weight of the additional hardware
Time taken each week to refill DI cartridges (if you have a very small vessel, you might not spend much money on resin, but you’ll spend a considerable time refilling those things constantly)
The fact that you’ll still need to carry around some water

So if you consider the total weight you’re willing to carry on one of the bikes, and work backward by subtracting for current tools, a small rechargeable battery (maybe you could run a pump off the same battery you plan on using for the electric assist? might need a small transformer circuit to drop to 12V, but it could definitely save some weight overall), and other tools and accessories added for WFP (12V pump, a little bit of hose, a brush or two, wagtail jetstream, etc). Now take the remaining weight allowance, lets say you’re left with 75 lbs of capacity. Divide by 8.3 (approx. weight of water), and now you know how much water you can carry. 75 lbs is about 9 gallons of water. You can get quite a ways with 9 gallons!

And the nice thing about carrying water for route work: the longer you work, the lighter the bike gets!

As far as conserving water, there are a lot of tricks to make your water supply really last. Are those tandem bikes? If you have a two man crew, one person could prescrub windows with a strip washer, while the other comes behind and rinses with the jetstream. You’ll also want a method of turning flow on and off instantaneously. I find polyurethane air hose kinks nice and easy, and is very fast to operate.

Oh, and I wanna see pics of your wrapped Mini, as well :wink:

Ryan: I tried my backpack wfp on my storefront route and didn’t like it at all. To much water all over the sidewalk and a hose for customers to trip on. Traditional with a pole or a short sectional ladder are the way to go in my opinion. Have you ever used the WFP on storefronts? It’s not the same as doing a house or a building in my opinion.

I had a thought after I posted. By any chance do you have lots of storefront accounts with a lot of french windows?

Ryan: Any pictures of the cargo area on your bikes with all your gear stowed away? Any pictures of the rapped mini cooper?

yeah, alex makes more sense than me. it would be better to carry 10-15 gallons of pure water, a small pump and battery, rather than try to make pure water as you go. you would also have to have a considerable length of hose to hook up to water and get it to your di chamber. added weight and pretty bulky.

i have a 15 gallon plastic jug with a footprint that is exactly the same as a 5 gal bucket, just twice as tall. something like that would be a great vessel for pure water. then just a small battery and 12 volt pump, which wouldnt weigh much more that 10 lbs. that would be a sweet setup.

Good point but 10-15 gallons of water weighs close to 100 lbs.

Hoses on public sidewalks with busy shoppers walking and busy employees working = a nice opportunity for a profitable lawsuit just waiting to happen.

Thanks for all the input gang. I really appreciate all the thoughts and honest advice from the seasoned vets.

I do have one Argo Tea location that has a lot of French panes where WFP might be better at that location.

Some pics of the Mini Cooper we use for route work. We also have a Thule rack for the top of it for sectional ladders and poles.

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Nice man!!! If I worked for you there is no way I wouldn’t be doing my route with out one of those. Trad. for route work only way to go. Unless you have a lot of stops with French panes.

You have employees that are willing to ride bikes arounds town and how are you geting the guys to first client.

There is a guy in down town Boston that rides around town on giant TRICYCLE. He’s got a small foot locker behind the seat. The poles are all vertical in PVC tubes. He’s an awesome window cleaner. I believe he lives in the city so he doesn’t even need a car.

thats great. like they say never judge a book by its cover.

Thanks adding the pic [MENTION=441]BostonMike[/MENTION].

Ya he’s got a wagtail set up and he’s as good as anybody on YouTube. Actually he’s the guy who talked me into starting up my window cleaning service again. I was on a sales call selling commercial carpet cleaning services to a big restaurant when I met him. The tricycle flies through traffic.


So you using the wagtail set up for your store fronts?

what was his magical words to bring you back to the world of windows?

I think of your cool bikes every time I see this messenger around town. I see this guys everywhere. I can’t catch up to him to ask him how much weight he could ride with.

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I purchased some wagtail gear. Polzn Bladz on YouTube reignited my interest in using wagtail. He makes using a wagtail on a pole look easy and its not. For now I’d be happy if my left hand could clean as well as my right. Ambidextrous cleaning is my winter project.

I saw him working in the restaurant I was estimating and starting talking with him about window cleaning. He could tell how much I love it. He must have said something like “Sounds like window washing is something you really enjoyed you might think about getting back into it.” I forget exactly what he said but it was our conversation that got me dreaming again.

Ryan: Great looking car! Must be a lot of fun to drive around the city. How do you get them back on the bicycles? haha

Pretty similar bike! I showed my friend he said there is a Canadian cargo bike company. Who knew?

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They ride the bike from our office/warehouse to the first job. We are based in Chicago.

Ryan Hoban
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