WFP dry okay with high pollen count?

Hey all. I rarely start posts. In fact, I just checked and this will only be the third thread I have ever started. So…

I just got a DI tank from WCR and a Gardiner pole off Craigslist. Next week, if I don’t get rained out, I’ll do my first job with my WFP setup. But in Georgia the pollen count at the moment is between 600-1200. So my question is, with temps around 70-80F does a window dry spotless even if there is a high pollen count? Or does pollen also get attracted to the DI water before the window has a chance to completely dry?


Having used a wfp in SC where the pollen is brutal this time of the year I have seen the windows spot from the pollen after wfp. It is rare but can happen especially if it is a overcast day and they dry slow. It is a easy fix

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What’s the easy fix then? Clean only when the sun is shining? :grin:

Sounds good to me! Lol

Touch up with the Unger pad holder and microfiber cleaning pad

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