WFP Experts - Need Your Advice on Cleaning these Windows

Looking at investing in a pure water system to clean the windows in the attached picture. The very top of the highest window is about 24-ft up.

I cleaned the whole building by hand on a ladder the first time. Results were good except that it wore me out. Hoping to eliminate using the ladder by going to a WFP setup.

Does anyone see any issues with the multiple panes in the same window? Would it be best to do the highest level of panes across the building and then work my way down to the next highest level of panes when the ones above are dry. Is it possible to do all of the panes at once for each window as long at the frames are rinsed thoroughly?

Any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This is a great candidate for wfp. I would do all windows at one height then move back and start on the next level. This should give plenty of time for the sills to stop dripping. Sometimes those style of frames have weep holes that can cause an issue if you try to move down a level before the water runs off the sills.

Not a problem at all. What you can do is wash all of the mullions also, and that way you can wash all of the glass, wash the mullions, rinse them all and move on to the next window. This is going to be a super simple job for you.


Hey Charlie,
I agree, but with a person who has never used one before…he’s gonna have problems doing it like that on the first run. There’s no way he will know if the mullions are clean ENOUGH to move on. He won’t know how much to rinse either…but it may be a good building to learn on I guess.

Try BOTH methods bro. Use one method on one side and one on the other. If you can afford to use this building as a tester to learn on (you’re gonna be saving a huge amount of time by wfp’ing it) so the time you would be saving can be used to test out the best way to get it done.

Wait until both sides are dry, take a break and get a coffee or something and see how they look. If you see bleeding and spotting on both sides, remember your rinsing methods, always about an inch away from the top of the glass and all the way down the pane if its hydrophobic. If I were you, bust out your ladder and inspect one area and make sure what you are seeing is on the outside and also not a defect or stain.

Once you get it down, it will be a while before you get your ladder off your truck again.

I think Tony nailed it with “different levels.” Everywhere there is a horizontal frame leave until fairly dry (no dripping) then go back & start underneath without touching the frame you just cleaned. Hopefully you will have to go all round the building & by the time you come back you can start underneath. I usually disappear for a coffee when it takes a while. Better in warm weather because it drys out faster.

I hear ya Tory, good advice. I just think with those kind of frames, there wont be a problem. I’ve never seen a weephole with those types of frames in over 13 years of window cleaning.

We encounter this type of thing on almost every building, and it takes more time to do each level, rather than the whole window. But, with that said, you’re right, for a newbie he should try a few different ways until he can get it dialed in just right.


Thank you all for the great advice! Exactly what I was looking for. I guess some practice will tell me what will work best. However it works out, it will be nice to keep my feet on the ground.