WFP Fitting and Adapters

Would anyone have an idea of how to make this fit.

The thicker yellow hose is coming FROM my DI tank.

The thinner one is my WFP TUBING.

What am I missing?

Are you not able to connect your tubing to the di hose? Do you have a better picture that doesn’t include your hand?

Looks like you need either a 5/16 push fit to 3/8 mnpt (or fnpt, hard to tell from the picture), or a 5/16 barb to 3/8.

Or duct tape.

Someone needs a kit with different bore size and male/female threads


looks like your connector is from a hardware store, wfp tubing is a different size.

It appears to be a Rectus fitting on your DI Hose. For the tube to connect you’ll need the appropriate Rectus tail with 6mm Barb inserted into the tube (eyeballing the connection it looks like a Rectus 21).

Yes, Rectus 21 barbed tail with clamp is required

Jeff is that ball a tool or just for stress relief? Lol

Ha, it’s a end protector. Goes on hose ends so when dragging the expensive rectus fittings sent as damaged.

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Ball style

Disc style


If you’re in the states you’ll have a much easier time finding standard size fittings at your local hardware store rather than metric.

Looks like you need a 3/8 to 5/16 reducer. I prefer the push-to-fit connections like the John Guest kind. There are many ways to get there. Looks like you have a ball valve there. I do too.

Here’s mine.

Hers what’s on the other truck.

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Look for fittings that are used with water/liquids, they won’t leak as easy and last longer.