Wfp flyers

Im having flyers made in full color gloss front&back 4x6.

What are the main selling points i need to focus on seeing as I’m using WFP for all my jobs?

oh i also wanted to add that these flyers will be marketed to potential residential if any very few commercial clients.

thank you

So you are only using wfp for all your jobs?
what about insides?
There is a guy in my area that made up these nice glossy flyers and in there in he claims not to use any abrasive squeegees, now this statement is just ridiculous as everyone who has ever cleaned their windows at the gas station knows that squeegees as not abrasive.

I think you may need to rethink as a window cleaner cannot use WFP alone and be successful imo.
Its also not about marketing the technique you use to do the job but the results and professionalism.

You could say it saves you time so it costs them less…oh,no wait that won’t work
You could call it green cleaning/no chemicals, but wait I’m not sure how green it is with all the water it uses.
You could say you don’t use ladders, but that would probably be a lie because you will most likely need them inside and also on a few outside that wfp can’t get to.
Dang… no selling points?..
My experience is that most customers don’t really care how the windows get done, they just want them clean. I used to tell people all about wfp technology and how great it is until I started to see how glazed over their eyes were while I’m in the middle of my enthusiastic pitch.
I do have have few who really like that I use it because their landscaping is downright treacherous for
ladder work.


Thanks for all the info. looks like ill be taking a different approach in designing the card/flyer.

I wouldn’t market the way you clean the glass. Flyers/mailers, etc are meant to get people to pick up the phone. You need to have a call to action, like an expiration date on the mailers, offer some sort of a promo. That’s what works. When it comes time to deliver the service, the rest will speak for itself.

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Thats the direction i was going. But after reading your comment @mshramek ill make it more direct…Thanks, ill let you all know how it goes.

I dont know if advertising the process as the main selling point is going to get you jobs… Prospective Customers just want their windows cleaned. The process could be something you could sell during the bid process like " We rinse with pure water, no soaps"… but I think I would sell your brand and reputation over your competition more than how you actually clean. Truth is, customers don’t care how it gets done, they just want clean windows done right.


many people like the chemical free aspect.
some call because of the pictures i use of reaching over bushes etc.
they like the safer for people safer for property aspect.
i also include washing down the frames (most homes i do are vinyl window frames).

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John has been cleaning windows in homes and businesses in the Knoxville and Maryville area since 1992. He has over 28 years experience cleaning windows. He uses only green products that have no impact on the environment.

John Lee Window
Cleaning, Knoxville, Tennessee To keep your windows looking cleaner longer, he does not use soap, which leaves a residue that attracts dirt. Instead, waterfed poles, reaching as high as 60 feet, deliver pure water through their fine brush heads. The water that is used can be considered “ultra pure” because it has been filtered through a deionization process to remove all the contaminants. Your windows will now dry spotless and will have a streak free finish.


i disagree here kyle. i have found many customers have had damage to their property caused by careless trades, window washers included. scratched and crushed gutters, window frames and sills, siding, tramples flowers etc.
the idea of wfp is often very attractive to them in particular.
of course you can tell them you are more careful. i always explain how careful i am when ladders are required and always point out damage from previous trades but it’s easy for almost anyone to understand that there is less chance of damage to property or serious or fatal injuries from ladder work if ladder work is reduced or better yet eliminated.
“green” has become one of the most common words in many types of product advertising and it has to do with process not result.