WFP Hose Management

With our current setup manually coiling 250 ft of xero hose is a royal pain… looking for a portable reel for 5/16 (OD) hose at a decent price. I would love too see some hose setups from the members here, what’s your solution for your tank-to-pole hose?

I bought two portable reels from a supplier in Seattle that work OK for my 8mm hose. They are not the best, and at times are a PITA to wind your hose if leave it completely stretched and try to wind/reel it in like that. No foot pad to step on as you reel.

When I get tired of messing with it, I’ll probably just get a Ames garden hose reel in town to wind onto. I work out of a truck with a portable system. If I had a truck/van mounted, I would have mounted reels in the vehicle. At some point, that’s where I will move to.
The advantage to the mini reel I use now, is you can toss it wherever you want in your truck/van. Pretty compact. Winding is ok, if you bring your hose to one location. I think they hold like 300 feet of the 8mm/ 5/16 hose. They weren’t very expensive either, but they are all plastic.

Thanks, yeah I guess that’s the hard part, finding one that’s portable but still sturdy enough to not move around when your winding. Do you know the name of the ones you have?

No I don’t unfortunately.

I’m sure they are just some cheap reel made in China.

I have looked more than once. I haven’t found any mini reels like it anywhere else.

Home depot carries this one… Looks pretty good, just wondering if its possible to convert it to 8mm.

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It has the gardena fitting in the reel, so I’d guess you could.

I don’t use my reels as live hose reels. I just use them to wrap my hose on.

One reel has a full reel of hose (1 piece). The other has two shorter lengths to add if I need extra reach. I carry about 500 feet of hose, and that takes care of anything I service.


Ok, thanks for the info, I’ll let you know if I find any other solutions.

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WCR sells the necessary adapter to convert the garden hose on this reel to 8mm.

After the garden hose I start with 11.5mm OD first and then go down to 8mm OD.


H[quote=“Pure_Water_Window_Cl, post:8, topic:46015, full:true”]
WCR sells the necessary adapter to convert the garden hose on this reel to 8mm.

After the garden hose I start with 11.5mm OD first and then go down to 8mm OD.

Way to go!

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James check out this reply from @Pure_Water_Window_Cl

What kind of reel should I use for 100ft 5/16th wfp hose - #10 by Pure_Water_Window_Cl


I use this with 150’ of 6mm i.d. micro-bore and then 30’ of xero tubing… I love the microbore, it is tough as nails. For a couple of years I used the rhino tube but I live in an area with lots of cactus and the xero holds up better to small punctures.


That looks like the HD reel that was previously posted. I would like to have one made of light gauge steel. But I don’t want to pay 300 bucks for one either.

Been keeping my eyes open at yard sales. I know they used to make those types reels. Small and made of metal.

Sorry for the question fellas, but how come you are using so much pole hose? 250’ of pole hose? What feeds your pole hose? Is that straight from your system?

If so, what made you use that instead of using air hose? Its much easier to roll back up and if you know how to reel it in its a piece of cake.

(I may sound like a complete nut but this works even with heavy garden hose: I used to use 450’ of 3/8" orange air hose and when I had it all unravelled at a site,

when I needed to wrap it up I would hold the connector to the pole hose in my right hand and start walking towards the reel counting off 15 paces or steps and on the 15th one,

I would pick up the hose with my left hand another 15 my right hand and alternate all the way back until I’m about 30’ from the reel and let all of them fall as I’m walkinging and keeping the metal connector in my hand all the way to the reel.

Mainly so when I’m at the end of the line the metal don’t get all jacked up from that 30’ of dragging it back to the reel)

If there’s an awesome advantage I’m missing using just pole hose I want in on that one-I hate lugging even the orange hose around!

I’ve seen them before, you might find one on CL or swap meet also.
@Pure_Water_Window_Cl said his plastic one has lasted and still works great after 4 years.


I use straight 8mm hose all the way. I know some guys use larger diameter, but I haven’t seen a need to personally. Water flow is good for me at 500’ with the pole hose. I use a pump too, so maybe that’s why.

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8mm straight from the di tank has been pretty good for what we use it for. Considering maybe 11mm out the tank for the first 50 ft to increase flow. We don’t use a pump.

We offer many reels but for 5/16 seems the hose is so lite the heavy reels do not work as well as the extention cord reels from Lowes and HD. You will need several as they will only hold 150 ft