WFP hose size and length - chime in

I’ve always rocked 300’ of 3/8 on my reel which ties into about 50-60’ of 5/16 wfp line - I’ve never had pressure issues, even 4 stories up. I’ve heard a bunch of guys having great luck with 1/4" instead, and decided to give it a shot as I rework my setup for the season, new reels, clearing up space, etc.

PRESSURE SUCKED! Yes, mind you others that rock 1/4" that I’ve talked to are also running a pump as they’re on RO, and I’m straight DI, but I didn’t expect such a ridiculous change. I can spit more than what was coming out!

I’ve always had more pressure than needed, so I expected some obvious drop off but thought it would still be enough… Nope.

So, back to 3/8 I go. One of the reels I bought that is smaller, and mounted to my ladder rack now, claims to only fit 150’ of 3/8 but I measured and can fit 175ft + 50ft of 5/16, totally 225ft. I’m iffy on whether this is enough or not, I’ve never really paid attention to how much line I’m using but I definitely don’t want to be caught short on hose.

What length wfp hose is everyone using, and do you find it enough or not? I figured I could just throw qc on the end, and an extra 100’ on the truck for if I ever need it I can connect it. Kinda bummed, I wanted it ALL on the reel but oh well… Either that or get a larger reel which takes up a lot more room and will totally block off the size of the truck if mounted the same way.

I have 3/8 50 ft on my cart system before wfp line. Cart 1gpm 60psi pump.
DI straight : I am using 1/4 flexizla air line 200ft. For me i have to keep tap 1/4 to 1/2 open.
Otherwise i have way to much pressure.

I run a 1 gal/min 60psi shurflo from my holding tank through 300ft of 3/8 air hose to usually a 50ft piece of 5/16 at the pole. Flow is good even at 3 stories.

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