WFP in Canada

I hear so much about the benefits of WFP in the US and overseas but almost nothing from Canada. I’ve had several commercial quotes lately that would have been perfect for WFP but I’d really like to see it in action (in person) before I make any kind of move on it.

Any Canadians (preferably from Toronto) work with WFP or like me, are interested?

I saw it once in action on a commercial building downtown. But from what I recall the windows didn’t look that clean later on.

I would love to hear more about it, the things that hold me back

  • the complexity of the WFP system
  • the cost
  • and the inconsistent results that I hear about.

John Riley uses a pure water system and WFP:
Rileys’ Window Cleaning
Serving Toronto (Ontario) since 1956
416 421 5758

Hes a member on here, too.


John has one of our RO/DI carts. In fact, we have shipped many items to Canada in the past few months. Ask around, you will probably find someone willing to help you.

And PS. Our RO/DI system is extremely user friendly.

Feel free to call me anytime.


I can just feel the love… I haven’t been here for a bit and I come back to my name being bandied about.
Yes, i have one of the infamous Reach RODI carts and have been using it on several jobs lately. I don’t know where the inconsistency would be coming from other than due to an inexperienced user. I did a church today that was pretty dirty- it was the first cleaning of the year. I did the job, went in and saw that I had not done the best i could, and re did it (Or actually, my employee did- my arms were getting a bit toasted). The main window is 40’ high and was pretty dangerous when we used to do it by ladder. I bill about $175 for it and can get it done in about an hour to an hour and a half with the pole.

You were bandied about with Love and interest :slight_smile:
mushy stuff over… LOL

It is good that the others mentioned your name, I am wondering about it as well. I have a nasty large high job that WFP would be great for as well.

Perhaps we can come and observe your WFP in action one day John?


Or you could rent me…:slight_smile:
That would be fine. I don’t use it all the time, what I have done with it is effectively make myself into a crew, thinking of the pole as my second storey guy. I hate ladder work…
What does this job look like?
I have uploaded a couple of pictures onto a facebook page. I hope this works. Now that I have a reasonable camera on my pda (my new blackeberry…), I can upload fairly easily. Next I will try video.

here’s a few pics of me using a 56’ WFP and Dual DI Cart I bought from Shawn (Reach Higher Ground).

Brady Miller
Big Shiny Windows
Deep River, Ontario Canada

Now that’s just showing off. :slight_smile:
Nice pictures, Brady. What’s that pole like on a breezy day?

Hey John,
Any job 3 stories and lower it is fine even with a bit of wind, but when we did the 4th and 5th floors on this job, we started at 6:30am when there tends to be less wind. Even then there were a few 5th floor windows that we did with the pole tied off to a crewmember on the roof. (of course he was in full harness tied off up there)

The wfp poles and pure water systems are easily my greatest investments I have made in my business.