Wfp in hot sun

Im excited to think that I may close on a big huge commercial bldg (3 story glass from top to bottom), its strictly exterior cleaning and in the hotter part of my region.

so far i have been using a backpack pump and wfp for small residential cleanings, if I get this commercial contract I will have to buy a system, 99% made up my mind to get the reachit system since I have their poles and I like the company.

just wondering if u guys prefer doing wfp at a certain time of day?
traditional methods in direct sun is difficult, but I was thinking that it may actually be beneficial in that the water will dry faster and you can move quickly to the windows below it without having to worry about drips.

anyone else think this way?

If you wash the windows properly and rinse well you may be ok, but i generally find that WFP’in in direct sunlight and hotter weather difficult, and usually leaves water spotting, due to the water drying too quickly.

Best to do during the cooler parts of the day, and out of direct sunlight.

I’m in Phoenix and use WFP all summer long; no problems. Especially if you’re using 4 jets on the Reach It brush you will have a good flow of water. I also own the Wash-It Pro system and couldn’t be happier! Good luck!

I feel like WFPing in the sun is better because it dries faster and you are able to do the next set of lower windows sooner rather than having to wait a long time for them to stop dripping.

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Use 4 jets to get lots of water flow… And just watch the water cascade down… Love it

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It doesn’t get much better than wfp in the hot sun. Dries faster so it has less chance of picking up airborne particles that spot the glass.

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Love it using my wfp on bright sunny days, stand under the splash to cool off mid summer. Oh so nice

Sounds like a nice commercial account you picked up good work…