Wfp in the morning, blizzard in the afternoon

Used this at 11am…

And this is my truck at 11pm…

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This was my first opportunity to use my new Unger DI cart. It worked like a champ.

Hey John,

I see the SNOW&COLD…In the 11PM photo I see the hose on the ground, but the water bib is exposed ! I think that should be wrapped to help prevent freezing the water pipe under the house, be a pretty penny to fix EH !

Oh and considering yawl have had a fairly mild winter…Lets hope this will be the end of it !


We had so much snow in the past 24 hrs, I’ve been helping push snow(part of the company I usually stay out of).
At my house it’s still coming down and I would guess we have over a foot.
I am on the same page, let’s pray this is the last of it. It won’t be though, March is our heaviest snow month…