WFP Las Vegas

with great help, we’ve figured out that the water coming from the RO into the DI resin tank is somehow getting past the resin filter… the integrity of all the plumbing is sound and all rubber O-rings and washers appear to be in working condition. only thing left is to take it to the bums under the Tropicana train tracks so they get some low tds water for 50k gallons! thanks for all y’all’s help. moving forward with a tinge of hope.

Did you get it figured out ?

nope. I am taking it to an ipc suggested maintenance location in town-Brady Industries. funny thing is, I clean the Brady family home and never even thought to check them out!

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Took the IPC to the local guys, Brady Industry, and they said everything was fine and did not understand why the TDS was not coming down.
I finally called a local water softner company, HANSEN, and they got me some mixed bed resin with some black chunks in it and it worked PERFECTLY! It is pricey, $50 to fill the little canister for the IPC hydrocart. The sales rep sale he did not know what the black stuff was. IT is mixed 50/50 with virgin resin, do you of you have an idea? I want to make my own.

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