WFP newbie mistakes

I used my wfp on a 4 star hotel all the windows came out very good except on this side a few of the window look bad when I was done I didn’t check my work that was my first mistake, then I call the next day for a follow up and left a message no one called me back, so a week later they called me to tell me about the bad looking windows today I going back to fix them I was thinking of taking off some money for my mistake Can I get some advice on this matter thanks

you know what you did wrong ( you have to check and re check and before you go check again ). i would have called left a message like you did and not waited a week for them to finally get back to you. could you have just gone over and taken care of it? I would have let them know after 2nd day of not hearing from them that you were anxious to get out there to take of their windows ( follow up call, email, etc ). i would not take any money off since you are gonna fix them. make sure, MAKE SURE THEY LOOK KILLER!!! dont be so hard on yourself either ok? did you learn something? go make them windows shine and follow up with them when you are done to assure them with out excuses this will not happen again and you will always stand by your work if ever they need touch ups or re work. we all get called back at times. all the best

Went back and did the windows the GM inspected the window and thought they were great wants me to come back to set up on a quarterly to do the windows, plus went around the other business and landed another job your right about not taking any money off thanks