WFP Noob Question

Purchased my WFP setup a month ago. Haven’t really got around to using it yet but my question is on screens. I’m assuming you take em out to WFP the glass, right? If so, doesn’t it just seem logical to go ahead and squeegee the glasss since you’re already 2 stories up on your ladder?

We almost always remove screens from the inside. That way we can inspect the glass to see if the house is WFP worthy. Also there is less of a chance of damaging the screens since we don’t have to pry them off. Also some screens, depending on the type of latches, need to be locked and unlocked from the inside.

Ditto on this. And you want to make sure all the windows
are latched tight too. Yet if you are only doing exteriors and have no access to inside,
you might as well clean the glass from the ladder.


You have to remember you can’t WFP the insides so what we do (on 90% of them) is have our inside guy take the screens down while the outside guy sets up the water fed equipment.