WFP on cut ups

Here’s a video of a job we did last week.

// on Cut ups - YouTube

Those don’t look like true divides Tony? Look like internal grids by the way you are poling them…hmmm. A Simulated Divided Lite perhaps. Maybe it’s just in how it looks on video. I dunno.

They are not internal they are on the outsides of the pane. Same way inside the grills are dividing the window into a whole lot of little panes.

I was baffled because I know you know the difference but the video made it look like the glass was smooth. Nice gig regardless. True divides are where the money is.


Sure would be cool if we could wfp the interiors as well :eek:

I use a 1/2 cubic ft mixed bed DI tank from WCR. I have a prefilter that takes care of carbon, chlorine, debris to 5 microns, and a few other things I can’t remember. I also use a 2-4ft pole I got from RHG that is the bomb for french doors and 1st floor windows.:wink:

Yo Art … Check this:

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what’s the point to that, mist some di water and smear with a microfiber. sure, if you cleaned the windows last night it might work.

tony, you were loving your tucker pole on that job, huh?

Got that right!:wink:

Tony,I have been doing cutups a bit differently in that I scrub up and down, then diagonally to get all the corners. Works well.
BTW, how do you like working with the long gooseneck on the Tucker? I have one but found it pretty tricky to get used to. Not a problem anymore as I have a Gardiner…

I like the 2ft gooseneck on the Tucker for those few jobs I have w/ slightly setback dormers that have a gutter running in front. I will be using my new Xtel 28ft pole from WCR for my residential jobs and the Tucker for a few of my 4 story jobs.

For the money that Xtel 28’ pole is killer!!! That’s what I’ve been using for the past year. I’m Jonsin’ real bad for a Gardiner 35’ though. Lighter and much more rigid, but of course with a much higher price tag.

Becareful with those glass fiber poles. They flex like crazy an whip around hardcore on a windy day. Not too bad but bad enough to notice in your sholders later that night. I was lucky in that this break was at the bottom end of the top section of the pole. Only lost about 10 inches. I was able to repair it pretty easy, took about 10 minutes. Also very lucky in that it happend on the 2nd to last window. I pulled out my 6ft step ladder and 12 ft’r to complete the outside of the last window. Not too bad. But I was pretty ****ed to say the least. I am looking into a new pole (carbon fiber). But with all the rain I have had over the last 3 weeks most of my money is going to pay for bills and advertising and helper cost. It’s driving me nuts. Also the pole was so freaking heavy. Maybe I’m getting older too fast, but it sure did not feel this heavy last year and when I lifted a CF at the show, I was sold. When you can or if you can make the leap I would say CF all the way or at least a hybrid.

CF is definitely my next step. Its just insane how light and rigid these poles are these days.

I love the way you do it… Wow… I love it!