WFP on french windows

I once used WFP on two buildings that had french windows while working for my previous company. I saw the results and was amazed how much time I saved and how good they looked(even though my boss didn’t want me using it on French?).

I got my first french window job since getting my own WFP and the results are still very much the same amazing. I had a helper and he did 5 windows compared to my 13 and mine ended up being perfect so did his but I did almost 3 times as much work.

I can’t imagine not wanting to use WFP on cut-ups (unless the glazing is in poor condition, in which case its more a matter of window condition than style). WFP saves me so much time on french panes that I’ll actually use it on storefronts that have them (and not very large storefronts, either).


Today’s job. Lots of french panes. WFP is the only way I’ll do these homes.

I have to agree that WFP is the only way to go for french panes and is the only time i actually use a WFP. Never really taken to it but i do have a large home that i do that is all french panes. I can do 2 sides of the property no problem, but the other 2 sides (the sun drenched sides) i have to do by hand otherwise the frames bleed a beautiful white cloud of liquid that looks like I’ve hit them with a house wash solution. Good times!

How long did this home take you?

Exterior - 2.5 hrs
Interior - 6.5 hrs

The far majority of the glass is on the back. About 50 windows total.

This house took you 8hrs w/ a wfp???

A waterfed pole doesn’t make things faster on a gazillion interior French panes…

No it was 9 total, 2.5 hours for the outside utilizing the WFP, 6.5 to do the interior. Since the inside is usually faster than the outside, using traditional methods would probably take 7.5 hours so he saved 5 hours.

This space for rent!

Yes when I did the bank with my helper I smoked him completely, and if there would have been interior glass I still would have beat him but not nearly by that much because there is no advantage. And I’m guessing the back of the house looks a lot bigger than the front and covered in glass.

2.5 hours on the outside then went and did some house washes
6.5 hours on the inside by my employee

Absolutely. If not more. This is an 8000 sq ft home.

Oh I see… Didn’t look that big from the front. That makes sense though. Do you have pics of the back?

And a new sunroom on the left side that has about 250 panes.

Nicely done buddy!

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To revive an old thread.

Do any of you use a sprayer for inside french windows?

I have a french windows job coming up and was thinking of using a sprayer to just spray the windows on the inside and then squeegee to save time

Anyone tried / does this?

Only for the last 12 years :wink:


Can you post a picture of your sprayer?

Sprayer won’t get everything off like hand and nose prints or silicone. I guess if customers accept that lower standard of service then sure.

You assume that the use of a sprayer means that the windows don’t get scrubbed.