WFP On WCR Episode 4


Nice Video. I use a simple setup also, I useo 2 mixed bed di tanks, stand them up in my truck and thats it.
What type of pole are you using?

Nice job Micah. Do you use garden hose for the supply line to the tank?

Yeah, I keep about 100 feet of garden hose on the truck for that.

The pole I was using is the Gardiner Super-lite. Awesome pole.

nice vid Micah. Nice idea storing your pole, too bad my tailgate doesnt lock.

Great vid Micah, do you ever use the butt cap?

The butt cap I have only fits the larger diameter sections, when the pole is assembled further. I should really have some for the smaller ones, but I forget to order them. So I’m just careful with it, and always maker sure there’s no dirt or junk inside the edge when I put it back in it’s bag.

Where can you get the air hose at?

I got mine from Home Depot.

I don’t use reels because this hose is so easy to work with, it basically coils itself, yet it doesn’t kink, lays flat, and in my opinion is less of a tripping hazard then 3/8th or garden hose. Not to mention it’s so much lighter in weight.

The trick to coiling it is to stretch it out, and as your coiling it in your left hand, use your right hand to slightly spin the hose so that it coils properly.

Nice job man! I am currently using your videos to train one of my guys on the WFP as a starter. We have a bet going…Do you rinse with the brush on or off the glass?

Man im so glad you all are doing this!!The show is helping this WFP rookie understand a little more each time.:slight_smile: Thanks Micah and WCR!!

Nice vid Micah! It must be satisfying building something like that. I didn’t have time or space so I just shelled out for a unit. Probably super easy to put a pump on it to increase output right?

You hit an important subject too. Cleaning the top frame is critical, along with not hitting it with water afterwards. People who say wfp don’t work well are probably not putting enough emphasis on the top. When working on stucco it’s importantnnot to NOT wet above the window because it causes aa funky film to drip down off the window. Lesson learned the hard way.

I know this question ain’t for me but just my .02- We always rinsed with the brush off the window, the only exception being 6-7 story glass when your pole is like jello!! Sometimes that was a little more challenging. Hey Micah, is that Harley shop out by Indiana/ Northern IL? I think I’ve seen that store before on the way to MI. Great vid btw.

Also something worth mentioning is your ppm meter. We’ve done an entire retirement home before realizing that the windows were turning out like crap. Should’ve paid more attention. We never tested the water and when we finally did (too late of course) we were showing a ppm of 400 something. It should always read zero from what I’ve experienced. Life’s lesson learned…