WFP outside,?inside

Still haven’t gone the WFP route yet but am seriously considering it. Just wondering for those that do WFP on outside, what are you doing on the inside panes for in/out jobs.

For residential jobs, almost all houses I’ve done have screens. So does it make sense to WFP when you have to climb the ladder to remove screen anyways?

A lot of guys use the Unger indoor kit. [MENTION=10867]john[/MENTION]wcr mainly uses that any rarely touches a squeegee anymore.

Other guys still use the traditional method.

Lots of different factors and situations.

I WFP and remove screens from the INSIDE… (no ladders)
AND use the unger speed kit for indoor work. What A time saver!!!

WFP would definitely open up a whole new type of work that I would get into. Jobs I would probably not consider doing the traditional way, I would for sure do with the WFP.
Had my window cleaning business less than a year and have also done some soft washing, pretty small operation since I also have a full time job, but would like to make it a bigger operation.

Another question, do you run a very long stretch of the tubing from the filter system to the pole or keep the system close to the pole and run a long supply line from house tap/tank or whatever is supplying the water? (I have watched some and others but input from real world users is what I find best). There will probably be many more questions in the future, so I appreciate the previous and future help.:slight_smile:

Out of interest, how many windows do you get per pad. Do you trad at all inside or is it all unger speed kit?

I just bought a wfp with a ro/di system that has a pump 175psi and I have had 300ft of unger hose going from the system to the pole with no issues it cuts down on time not having to move the system.

I just bought a wfp ro/di with a pump and I’ve had over 300ft of hose from the system to the pole with no issues it cuts down on time not having to move the system. Still learning though so I’m going to follow this post for info. Note pump has 175psi.