WFP Poles


I have been thinking about a WFP system for some time now.
Living in Sydney I have little option other than buying a system from overseas ( either UK or USA ) and therefore do not have the option of trying out various systems.
I have pretty much decided on the Ionic DI trolley system as all the buildings here have outside taps and water is reasonably soft. Now my dilemma is that I have noticed ( from reading this forum ) that the Emporium 40ft pole weighs only 1.2kgs against Ionics poles ( ergolight carbon fibre ) at 4.6kgs.
How can this be ?. Would I be sacrificing strength or rigidity with the Emporium pole. The difference is considerable not to mention the price so what is the down side ( if any ).
Thanks in advance


PS does working in strong sunlight and high temperatures have an impact on the effectiveness of Pure Water window cleaning.

Hello Stu,

The Gardiner poles and Emporium poles are completely different then anything else on the market. They are modular(sectional poles) that are fitted end to end to achieve the desired heights. The other poles on the market are telescoping and the walls of the tubing are much thicker.

And FYI I have a distributor in Sydney who sells our systems. They currently have the RO/DI Carts and we are coming out with a new 2 stage DI cart in the next week or so.

Brightview, I think if you have a chance to purchase equipment from Shawn then jump at it. Not only is his stuff top notch but the after sales service is great. I’d say the same is true w/ Chris and Alex. All around, guys like these 3 are changing the industry for the better.

Stu… you may want to check out this blog a while back, I’m sure the links will be able to get you a contact out there:
I think Gary of Aquamagic sells systems in Oz. Tel: 0422 613 520

Thanks for the replies.
RHG - I looked on your web site, however there are no details of your Sydney distributor, if you could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
Karlosdaze - Thanks for the info. I am actually a member of the AWCF.
I have looked at the Aqua magic site - however it seems to be a work in progress with no product details and SA is a long way from Sydney so dropping by is not really an option.
WFP seems to have a pretty mixed reviews over here. I have spoken to a couple of local operators who say its not worth it - due to flyscreens, wooden frames and the infrequency with which people get their windows cleaned ( once to twice a year being the norm ). However a couple of others think its great in the right circumstances ( pretty much what you guys say in the forum ) mainly commercial work being the most suitable

I’d say you were pretty spot on with that reply. When I was cleaning in Sydney - the only jobs I saw worth doing with wfp were commercial in the city. Mind you it wasn’t really around then & if you have the same problem as me - lots of marble fronted gigs - so it would become a slip hazard.
This guy gets his stuff from Gary -

I sent you a private message.

I personally think it works better for framed windows that are stacked the run off drys faster,I have had good results in the heat

PS does working in strong sunlight and high temperatures have an impact on the effectiveness of Pure Water window cleaning.[/QUOTE]