WFP run-off

I am having a problem with run-off of dirty water onto stucco. I have tried letting water run off a little longer but just does not seem to rinse worth a ****. The glass looks great the walls not so much any advice. thanks

Did you try spraying with a garden hose to rinse the stucco?

wouldnt that spot up the window you just cleaned w/ pure water w/ all the splashing?

I said spray, not splash.

And couldn’t the spraying be done before a final rinse, if the dirt was so evident?

Stucco in the US and render in the UK,

I’m wondering if you mean the run-off after doing top windows?

If I’m correct then it has to be the method you are using, when you start on a property start at a top window and work your way around the property, when you finished all the top windows, then return to the first window you did and begin the bottom ones, all the dripping should have then stopped.

Another quick way to help speed up to stop drips, is when you finish a window, turn off your water and run your brush along the window sill to sweep surplice water away, continue as above and all the dripping problems should be solved.

wouldn’t that get the brush all dirty before you move to the next window?
I’m 120% newbie to WFP so excuse me if that is too obvious

You could always do a house wash first. That would get most of the dirt off the windows. Then WFP afterward. If the windows are that dirty, chances are the stucco is too.

All the water from the windows will wash most of the loose dirt from the sills, then you Just give a quick brush with water switched off.

Once you’ve done that swish your hand through your brush with the water on, this will remove any dirt on the brush,(including cob-webs) I’ve been using this method now for 2 years and never had a problem, most problems like spotting are normally caused by not enough rinsing.

007, I think you’re talking about lower panes getting the douche from upper. Living’s talking about runoff mucking up the stucco.

I’ve cleaned a lot of housed using WFP and never had this problem. This must be one dirty house. Did the customer complain or is this your observation? I’m just wondering if maybe you are being a little over cautious?

The only issue I’ve seen and read about with this type of problem is the changing of color if its painted stucco and what happens is the run off from the sills runs down the stucco and with the pure water affect it actually cleans it, but when you stand back and look at it, it looks stained were infact its not stained but clean, this can take several cleans to notice this affect, hell I’ve even got myself extra work cleaning the rest of the stucco because of it, the customer often does not realize the stucco was so dirty.

Apart from that, Like I said in my previuos post is to clean all the top windows first and then go back to the beginning to start the down stairs windows, all the run off from both the window and the stucco, should have stopped.

Thanks for all responses what we had was a light construction clean up. All the windows had been covered by some blue tape when this was removed the windows were covered by dust and had a 2 inch lip covered by debris that we washed onto the stucco, we ended up needing to wash the stucco after doing the upper windows and then washing the debris off the walls. Washing the lower windows and then cleaning under those.