WFP Set Up Advice?

Hey everyone,

This is my WFP set up. I’m running the Unger nLite Hydropower system. I use the customers hose and attach it to a hose reel that I have with about 50ft of garden hose, which then runs to the unit (pictured by the grill) and then the yellow hose and the pole.

I’ve only been using a WFP for a couple months now and this system has been working, but I feel like there is probably a more efficient way of doing things as I find I have to move my hose reel once or twice per job, which involves disconnecting the unit and reeling up the hose and moving the entire system from one end of the house to the other, then hooking it all back up.

Do you have any tips or advice to make my system more efficient?

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If you are residential mostly, get some very soft non-kink 1/2" hose in 30 ft lengths with quick couplers (Gardena being the easiest ). 30ft of 1/2" fits in your hand with 3 ft loops.

Try and park your vehicle within 30ft of a spigot - and run one hose from Spigot to your filter.

Depending the size of your 50ft tube /hose, you want to run 30 ft lengths from the vehicle to the farthest corner of your job ( diagonally opposite to where your vehicle is parked)… 1, 2, 3 x 30 ft lengths -

Now follow your hose and work back towards your vehicle - then continue in the same direction around the building to your starting point ( hose fully extended again )

For pack down, discouple your quick connects and loop hoses in your hand - no obstacles can bother you, and the water drains easily…

RHINO-TUBE or equivalent is from hose to pole, and is your ‘work zone’ tube - light, kink-free, and easy to manoeuvre with.

Pack-out and Pack-down are big areas to save time…

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I would get a reel like this , and do like perry says get a few more lengths of wfp hose 5/16". 2 -3 30’ lengths.

I would also ditch that supply hose reel, and just get two lengths Of 75’ of the hose I have in the pic. Easy to store easy to put away.

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Hands down the most efficient set-up is to go with a portable water tank, pump, and flow controller, if you have room in your rig.


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^^. I agree , but not everybody can have that type of set up.

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Nonsense. It’s all about your priorities :wink:

Daniel, what type of vehicle do you have?
If you have a truck with an open bed, or even a van I suppose, you can carry 100’ or more of garden hose and run it from vehicle to the water source. You can connect the male end of the garden hose to the inlet of your Hydropower and connect the outlet to a hose reel. The hose reel would need to hold a few hundred feet of 3/8" or so hose to allow you to keep your system in one place. Finally connect your pole hose to the hose on your reel. This works well for me.

No insult to Perry intended,
but I assume the yellow Rhino Tube would be much better for using outside of your wfp as opposed to inside. Running mine inside is not working out very well for me.

Ha!!! Oh please all I read about is how people want to get into this business on the cheap side. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Btw I just hooked this hose up. It took all but 3 minutes

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Is that yellow hose 3/8? I need a reel to hold the 300’ I have and can’t find anything like that reel you have.

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Yes 3/8 , there is about 160’ on there. Then I have a few lengths of rhino tube hanging in my van.
I don’t think that reel would hold 300’ of 3/8". Maybe 5/16". I don’t think they sell these feels anymore.
The cox caddy looks ok. Or the one I posted above. A friend of mine has that one above. A little pricey , but I think he likes it.

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The tangling/getting caught inside? It bugged me, too.

I stumbled upon a fix, by accident…

Cut the tube and use a brass barb fitting to reconnect.
I did mine about 6 feet, I think.

The weight of the barb is just heavy enough to keep the rhinotube straight, inside the pole.
And for some reason, the rest behind it seems to want to stay straight.

I no longer have to do the “step on tube/and lift-up move” to get the tube to drop, when lowering the pole.
(does this make sense?)

It made a world of difference for [B]me[/B]. :slight_smile:

The barb is flush with the tube, so it doesn’t get caught when extending.

(boy, the forum is kind of a mess right now,
that image should show without the need to click) :confused:

Well you hit the nail on the head!
I’ll try that when I get a chance.

Truly glad to hear it, sometimes I say things that makes sense to me, but nobody else. :smiley:

I crimped/cut my line by my feet, with it fully extended, and it was spraying all over my feet, so I got the barb.
(I was dead in the middle of a big job and needed some kind of quick repair to finish)
And then the lightbulb went off, and I flipped it and put the barbed section IN the pole.

It [B]really has[/B] worked for me.

Hope it works for you. :slight_smile:

The man has a point…

That’s cool… Necessity is the mother of all invention.

that hose reel is the claber metal 40, and it’s awesome for wfp hose. we have one and love it. light weight but pretty solid. unfortunately it’s almost impossible to find in the states, usually have to have one shipped from the UK. ours has 300’ of 1/4’ air pro poly air hose (the same hose as mean green, for you pressure washing honks, just smaller).

i’ve been searching for a stateside supplier, but i might have to break down and just get a couple from the UK for each crew.

Claber Metal 40 Wall Hose Reel: Garden & Outdoors