WFP Set Up Advice?

Is yours starting to rust out on the bottom legs??

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^ no, ours is still in great shape. been using it since late last year, so not quite a year old.

Btw I just hooked this hose up. It took all but 3 minutes

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We have used almost this exact setup for over 7 years, works great. For us, Top cox reel has 300’ of 3/8" wfp line, and lower has 200’ of supply. On the passenger side have another 160’ and in line heater for a second wfp. Tried tanks, but endless freeze problems through the winter. I can’t speak to residential, but it’s a good commercial setup, especially when pumping to multiple levels or buildings. In the pickup trucks usually use a hydrotube and loose hose (working on upgrading that). Some great ideas on this thread.

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Ya mine is rusted at the bottom part I guess cause my van gets wet an it sits in the water . I guess I’ll just sand it, and hit it with some Krylon. I like that mean green air hose good price for 100’ . I think I might get me some :slight_smile:
I have the mean green supply hose. Best hose ever. Craftsman is good also , but not regretting spending the xtta money on the mean green

It works for me . I like this set up a lot . A tank set up I’m sure is nice I just Haven’t seen the need for it . I have a van I could make room for it. Everywhere I go there is a spigot, it takes no time to just hook up to it. I have one job were there isn’t, and I use my backpack .

If it gets to a point were I have more jobs with no spigot hook up then I will start looking into a tank set up . Same with my power washing I’m not at the point were I need a buffer tank yet 4 gal for me… directly hooked up to the home owners water source. Any big commercial work I get I team up with a another guy I do work with he has a hot water set-up .

ANyone reason no one uses these?

Air Hose Reel
150 Ft. Extension Cord Reel

I’m going to mount mine and see how much rhino tube fits on it. The other is cheap and all plastic…should work well to control an extension length.

I used to be one of those guys… lol