WFP Starter Kit Questions

I have searched your site and do not see where to buy the starter kit, your store says it can not be found in the catalog?

How long will the 1/2 cubic feet last? I know their are probably lots of variables involved but on average lets say cleaning a 2 story building daily for 8 hours a day?

Where does one go to have their tank re-outfitted once the tank is used up?

What about a starter kit with 1 cubic foot tank, with a 30’ unger pole with a conversion kit and hog brush? Could you provide me with a list of all the items I would need to make that sort of set up happen?


The tds you have will tell you how many gallons you will get out of a DI tank here is a chart to help you. This is based on 1 cubic foot.

  TDS                  gallons


Hey thanks for the link and the info on the tds!

Do yo know where is a god place to have your resin in your tank refurbished once its all used up or do you recommend doing it yourself? How much does it cost to have it re-done?

Hello Mr Hippie

We always recommend trying to find a place locally. What state are you in?

Check with Your local seamins or culligan first.


Thanks Lar!

I went to culligan today and they said they dont do them, they only rent tanks out, tehy dont sell tanks and they dont refurbish used tanks with new resin. They told me that they outsource their tanks to be refurbished to a third party and they did not want to tell me who they did that with. So they are out. Maybe the other one that was metioned.

Sometimes you have to call the same culligan multiple times… to get them to do it.

Visit and look for a local professional. You should be able to find multiple companies listed in your area. Then call around and see who offers DI regen/rental or see if they know of anyone.