WFP, Strange rectangle film on windows

So I’ve ran into this problem twice in the last two days, same style of window. I am using wfp and it’s been working great, but now I’m getting this issue where the water is drying in a pattern that appears to be related to some kind of film or layer on the window, and it’s drying with a very visible outline that doesn’t look great, I’m worried they will see this as my fault. I’m 2/3 of the way into this 3 hr $300 job, what do you guys recommend and have you ever dealt with this?

For touch ups consider getting an Unger Aluminum Pad Holder and some Unger Microfiber Cleaning Pads.

Sometimes there are unexplainable reasons why there are spots leftover. Is it possible you have too much pressure coming out of the jets and it is causing splashing? Could it be dripping from the top and leaving splash marks on the bottom?

You could just go back and quickly rinse the glass, but do not get the frame wet.

No, it’s not splashing. Those spots are hard water stains that are stuck fast, my issue is the vertical lines you can see running up both sides of the pane about an inch from the frame. And it’s there no matter how many times I scrub and rinse.

Got it. I saw the spots, but couldn’t tell if those lines were streaks or not. Have you tried letting the top of the frame completely dry and stop from dripping, then going back and only scrub and rinse about an inch or two down from the top frame?

It looks like it could be either a plastic protection sheet that never was taken off or the residue left where the edges of the sheet were.


I was going to say leftovers of manufacturing sticker?

this is obviously the work of aliens (the outer space kind). have you tried washing one with trad just to compare? is it happening on all?

Probably need to get up there and scrape by hand.

Are they white Pvc window frames??

This is a milky white “residue bleed” from oxidized Veynal frames that dried on you. The key to avoiding this is by scrubbing any south facing Veynal frames really good first and flood rinse. Then clean the glass as normal. Follow up with a “safety rinse” that is 2” below the top frame. Being careful not to re wet the top frame.

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