Wfp system

questions about water fed pole systems.
1.Do you have to have an R.O. filtration system and if you do can you run a hose from the house directly to the R.O. tanks then from the tanks directly to the WFP? (is a pressure pump included with an R.O. set up)

  1. Or is it also necessery to have a seperate lift pump to supply the necessery pressure to send the water up the pole?

  2. Do WFP dry spot free 100% of the time?

I just use di tanks spicket tithe tanks.

The water pressure from the wall is fine. Not sure about the r.o. Setups.

The results depend on your tds, how dirty the windows are and if the tanks charge is still good.

No not spotless all the time

RO (reverse osmosis) systems remove the majority of the TDS (total dissolved solids) from the water, about 90-95%. But if they don’t have some sort of pre-filter (charcoal or carbon block filters) to remove the chlorine from the water before it gets to the RO your membrane will suffer greatly and not last nearly as long as it should. RO membranes that have pre-filters usually last a good 5 years. But they do require cleaning some in between. I clean mine annually just so it’s in tip-top shape, and usually only pay $60 for that.
So, if you only use a RO system and it doesn’t have a DI tank behind it you won’t be getting “Ultra PURE water” (0 tds). If that’s not the question you were asking, then YES you can run a hose directly from the house to your RO/DI system and then a hose directly from that system to your WFP. Many of the water purification systems out there are being sold without a pump now (so depending on your incoming water pressure it may work just fine), but I find they work much better when they do have a pump. It seems like having the pump pre-RO is best, but on the system I use the pump is actually post-DI. And +1 Brian’s answer on the windows not drying spotless every time.