WFP Training Academy

I love this forum but another one I’m really enjoying is the WFP Training Academy. The brits are really on the cutting edge of wfp tech and these guys are always coming up w/ something unique. You can check it out at

thank you tony for your recomendation, i love to invent and improve window cleaning tools, anything that saves us time, and earn more money. i would love to see some good ideas from you guys, again thanks tony :cool:

Thanks Tony

We love having you guy’s on there but most of all we love to help our friends.

I watched a video tonight that Alex made regarding our Scrim we use, I just added a post for you on the academy about the way I used to use scrims when I was a trad cleaner.

Much like yourselfs you improve on new technology, the Brits are the same and the more a product is used the more people want it and the more people come out with new idea’s and wfp is no exception.

Anything we can help you guys with? were more than willing to help.