WFP use on first floor exterior windows

Your WFP is set up and you’re already cleaning second story and higher windows, why not use it on the first floor as well?

Is it a speed thing?..Faster to use scrubber and squeegee on first floor? But using the WFP would save some time because you wouldn’t have to detail with your Huck or Scrim.

What about (in commercial setting) you have a long row of windows that are difficult to access because of shrubs…do you use an extension pole to reach these?..I imagine detailing would be a PITA. So how about the WFP in that situation?


Hey Brian,

Use it on the bottom floor as well.

Some will argue its no quicker, but if you’ve already got the gear out, its bound to be once your up to speed with the new equipment/technique.

I use it on the 1st floor. My machine runs two poles. I will work the tops an the helper the bottoms at the same time. When it comes to windows that are over each other, then I will clean those first and move on. As soon as the helper can move in for the lowers they do. Nice thing with the poles is you dont need step ladders to get that little extra reach on the lowers and you dont have to worry about getting into bushes. Most of the time the pole can be extended and adjusted to work the angles. I have found it to be quicker all around.

Is it possible to run 2 poles with just DI and a shurflo pump?

We run two poles on DI alone with no pump.

Really? Thanks.

WOW! Is that a Slayer and a Sor#*? :smiley:

At what heights? What is the typical source PSI?


What would have been yur anwser Larry?

I dunno, that’s why I asked (for [I]your[/I] benefit.)

I have a RHG RO/DI electric, and have pretty much always used the pump (either with AC or generator.)

How is that set up?
Do you have a splitter on the outlet of the DI tank going to two hose reels?..Or do you run one line from the DI tank and split it closer to the two poles??

Also, are you still getting about a 1/2 gallon per minute from each pole?


What Larry said.

I don’t hesitate on using it on 1st floors if the equipment is already setup, I have to agree that most of the time might be faster to just squeegee it, but it really depends on the access to the windows. If you have a low TDS and you get lots of gallons out of a tank, I’d say use it.

NOTE: if you don’t have one, do yourself a favor and buy the 4ft Xtel, is a life saver for 1st floors !

Yes it is a Slayer and a Sor**. It was a freebie from a convention so he made no money from it. Just biding my time till the Slayer version gets its funding.

We run the splitter right off the DI tank. Since we clean mainly residential the height would be in the 28’ to 36’ range, I’m not sure what the source psi is for the typical home in our area. I also do not know the gpms but I’ll have Bill chime in on that.

We wfp 1st floor windows and on some jobs I’ll run the backpack <a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“ backpack delivery system.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” /> on a few difficult to access windows while Mrs Squeegee uses the wfp and R3 <a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“ residential rodi r3.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” /> to do the first floor windows.

We park the Van by the source of water and then run one hose to the two poles
where we split them. we use a small gas pump so there is aways enough pressure!
[ame=]YouTube - SimPole 60’ on a 5 floor building[/ame]

Phillip Alexander
WeDewWindows Inc.

This may help you.
YouTube - SimPole 60’ on a 5 floor building
Phillip Alexander

we can run 3 storys with 2 or 3 polls I don’t check the pressure, but it is town water pressure I would say 70-75 psi the poles are set around .75 gpm or more.

I learned on the WCR Chat that I need a pressure regulator going into my DI tank. I’m getting way too much pressure. I could easily run two or even three poles off spigot water pressure here.

I might be wrong, but I think you need a pressure regulator on your tank inlet for the water to get properly filtrated, if you let the pressure from the spigot go unrestricted to your tank you’ll see high TDS readings on the outlet.

Nope, 0 TDS all the way but pencil jets shoot like 10 feet if I don’t crank down the ball valve.