WFP Week!

Wow, 2 weeks ago was nothing but Water Fed Pole week, (just getting around to posting it)!! We usually use the WFP at least once or twice a week. But it just so happened that this particular week, a lot of my regular commercial accounts happened on the same week. Monday and 1/2 Tuesday a 4 story, (1200 windows), other half of Tuesday a 2 & 3 story (300 windows), Wednesday
a 2.5 story (800 windows), Thursday a 2 story glass wall (136 windows), and Friday a 3 story (360 windows, no pics of that one, I was sick that day so 2 of my guy’s went and handled it).

I used Shawn Gavin’s DI/RO cart that I bought from him about 6 months ago, that thing is awesome, I dont use it all the time, but this week I used it every day. For all those still not using WFP, do your self a favor and at least get one to try, it will really open up new doors for profit and time saving for you.

Here are some pics!!

Charlie Laurie
Slidell La.

Way to put that thing to work my man!

wow, those look nice. Wish I could get past that WFP learning curve.

It just takes practice. I get frustrated some times until I remember what guys like Don Chute and Jim Willingham always say - I ain’t a magic wand. It might not work for every situation but when you begin to get it figured out you start looking for ways to use it more.

Just remember, practice makes better!! :slight_smile:

All of us probably started off with just doing straight pulls, but then we learned to fan and WOW!!!

Try to use your WFP everyday, until you get it. Double brush, double rinse, whatever it takes to get it going. Once you get it, it totally rocks!!

That glass wall in the picture that you see, we do it twice a month. It’s about 136 panes of glass, 28 ft high. It takes me or anyone of my guy’s just about an hour to do it. Even if we used an extension pole and no ladder, we couldn’t do that in that time period. Sooner or later you’d have to detail a mark here or there.

WFP’s definetly bring in more profit and more time savings for sure.

Charlie Laurie
A-1 Window Washers