Whack Adaptors!

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Available Here

3 for $20 bucks! WOW :slight_smile:


looking forward to the all aluminum edition too someday soon . . . :rolleyes:

Whack adaptor! hahaha Great name, Perry! Gosh I love Aussie humor…

Alex, can one be connected to another so as to get a deeper reach where necessary?

Dan actually they can neat design!

I’m in!

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I wonder how the tips would handle the stress of doing that. Maybe perfectly fine. Just curious. Super great to see a cost-efficient version of the ill-fated flip fast.

I wouldnt recommend the set up for long term use… to may weird pressure points. (connecting multiple ones together that is)

I totally agree, Chris. I was just thinking something like that would have really helped me with an unusual situation last Tuesday. I don’t have a gooseneck.

i just hooked two together on a job last week to reach in a deep sill. Worked pretty well for a few windows, don’t think it would hold up all day though.


I concur,.

But 3 for 20 will go right out the window…

Are you talking about the whole angle adaptor or the crank?

Chris if you have room in your bag this weekend you should throw 3 of these in there for me!

the whole thing seems like a simple deal to have in an aluminum version also for much more sturdiness and less flex

sounds like this crank is plastic? I thought those bike axle things were already aluminum/metal

thanks for askin

Uhmmm… I’m thinking more like 6 so that I can have a set. :wink:

Couldn’t aluminum threads potentially trash the plastic female threads on your WFP brush?

I thought the rule of thumb was “plastic threads on plastic threads.”

Oh yea its a standard black angle angle adaptor, the handle is metal just coated / painted black.

We have sold a bunch of these already, for the price, people are not passing them by.