What about fulfillment houses?

As of late I have been stamping and printing labels myself for my postcards. I only send out mailers to potentially big accounts. Time wise. It is equal to or greater than putting out fliers.

[B][U]Does anyone have a recommendation on a quality/trustworthy fulfillment house?[/U][/B]

Also “cost effective” would be nice too.

Thanks in advance.

I guess no one uses these kind of services…

Maybe it wasn’t the right word…

You know the service… the one where they print the address and postage on the cards for you then drop them off at the post office.

Anyone use these kinda services?

Mass mailing service?

yepper… that’s what I meant.

Mass Mailing Service.

Yes - except I call them “employees” :slight_smile:

Ha kinda laughed on that heading. Brothel or massage parlor:confused:

postcard mania

Do they do what they say they are gonna do???

I would check in your local area. These places are all over that offer bulk rate. You can provide a mailing list or you could trust theres given any demographic you choose.

I do so many different mailings and post cards. People dont often call on them immediately but if its for a service they know they will need eventually they often put it aside for a sunnier day!