What add on makes you the most money?

It used to be scratch removal for us when building was booming out here an extra $40 to $50K a year. Now its the custom screening, sun screens, bug screens, retractable screen doors, patio roller shades, enclosed screen rooms.

I agree with you about the screen work. I do alot of repairs, custom builds and fabricating sliding patio doors and retractables. Now makes up for half my income. Great money in it if you’re a handyperson because every situation is different.

Pressure Washing/ Soft Wash has been good for me. Not making 40-50k though.

Gutter cleaning is a third of my business. Maybe a little more.

Would you mind sharing what your gutter cleaning entails?

We have been pushing a basic gutter cleaning which is just pulling the debri out of the gutter, bagging it up and most instances taking it with us. Not sure I want to go any further. Pretty basic but the customers are fine with it. I explain it prior obv.

I’ve had a couple calls this year asking if we can come out and unplug downspouts caused from previous company spraying them out.