What are these horrible streaks?

After cleaning these windows several months ago, it seems as if these streaks are showing up and actually getting worse! Now…that being said, maybe I notice them more as I am now in the ranks of a professional window cleaner & my attentive to detail is higher than several months ago!!! Notice how it looks like a clean cut straight line? This window is high up & does not get exposed to a sprinkler system. It has been there for 13 years…could it be the wear & tear from the sun beating on it at sunset every day? Could it be oxidation? After several scrubs, it is resisting & staying there…not responding to any type of washing. Time to get the hardwater removal kit out?

I’ve got the most critical customer on this house…ME!!! Yes…it’s my place! MUST get rid of it so I can sleep better at night!

Any thoughts?

Is it a bad IG seal?

That’s what it looks like to me

I couldn’t pull up the photo on my phone but my educated guess is if the window us dual paned you are probably looking at roller marks from the fabrication process. They make themselves more noticeable when the seal is broken and it oxidizes in between.

Well I can tell you this, it’s not just your professional eye, cause I had my wife look at the pic and she said it looks like **** too. :wink:

I can also say with a small amount of certainty that the sun didn’t just do that to just a certain part of the glass either.

My guess is the same as the other guys-- a bad seal.

Yes, Defiantly a failed window with Silica Haze. A brick will fix it.

What an amazing group here on WCR! Thanks for the feedback…it now makes sense. Did I do that by washing the window over & over & possibly breaking the seal? Is this something we should watch out for in the field?

Probably broke before you ever touched it. Depending on how dirty the glass was, you may have never noticed it or thought it was dirt before. That is strange how it got worse though… Maybe you jostled it around a little bit when cleaning, making the broken seal more prominent. I recommend replacing it to my customers when I ome accross situations like this.

Yes that is it! We should stop washing windows. It will ruin them. Sorry

I really like the brick technique.

is it possible to bust a seal by pushing a razor up next to a frame?

Yes, you could breach the seal with a blade. I have seen seals breach when pressure cleaners hit them with direct spray, especially on hot days