What are you doing to benefit your Window Cleaning Business this spring?

So what are you doing to benefit your window cleaning business this spring? Here are a couple of things we are really focused on in our NJ window cleaning business. 1) – Automating as many process’s as possible. For example … Continue reading →


I have been pounding the pavement with fliers, always selling, networking, keeping the site SEO’d, calling previous customers and trying to book jobs…trying to straight murder it in 2011. Good luck to everyone else.

Too much to list… I just list this this week. Finish power washing guide, look into website creation, call past customers, look into direct mail, maybe get some fancy WCR fliers made, work on phone sheet, improve customer satisfaction, improve training guide, improve van layout, and so much more. Ouch well worst comes to worst I hear its nice in Hawaii this time of year.

Ahh I love the spring… Until I typed out the blog post last night, I didnt even realize how much stuff I was changing or doing this year.

I’ve been putting out fliers door to door since February. I just did a mailing to Realtors who have homes listed at 750 grand and above
and gave them each three $50.00 gift coupons to pass on to their customers. I will also do a mailing to the owners of those homes. (sans coupons). The day after they mailed, one Realtor called me to use one of them on her own home. Of course I said yes. And another one just called from that mailing as I write this. I’m getting ready to do a 2500 piece saturation mailing to select neighborhoods. My business is new, since October, so my first yellow pages ad just came out last week. 2 jobs from that so far. I will continue to do door to door fliers, though I hope to be too busy for that. I have another mailing planned to all homeowners with homes 750 grand and above. I like BIG homes.


I’m working the flyer angle, ads on Google and Yelp and pressure washing my driveway several times with my truck and logo parked in the street. I landed a nice little job from that already. I haven’t started beating the pavement, as selling face to face is a trait that I need to get better at for sure. I have also put some time into my website.
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A Fine Reflection-Window Cleaning Services

I am doing a lot of one of my most favorite tasks, [B]selling[/B]. Whether it’s a $50.00 minimum job or a $27k property management job, I just love to sell the benefits of using our company to potential clients and signing them up.

I have just finished my employee hiring packages, updated my employee manual, still working on my website with a friend. My season started so fast I didn’t have time to pull my new truck together! I’m almost done implementing my new bid sheets, and sales receipts…basically trying to get rid of paper, put as much online as possible.
My 2 core focus’s this year are commercial (specifically medical facilities-usually low rise to mid rise buildings, and nursing homes), and real estate agents! This is where my big money is going to be. I am generally shocked at how little realtor’s tell their clients about getting a home ready for sale. I am putting together a very nice brochure for realtor’s, and a package for homeowners. I have been doing tons of houses going up for sale, and as we know it really makes a huge difference. I am marketing myself as a sales expert. At this point, I really am. I have been working with top selling Realtors for many years, and have learned a lot from them. I continually offer my knowledge to clients who are selling, and have noticed they really are thirsty for my opinion. I’m amazed how many real estate agents I work for who get their own windows cleaned by our company forget to recommend it to clients. Thats going to change. Right now everything is going on the market here, but I’m not starting to market until late May, after my major spring commercial work is done. That way I will be able to handle the rush I am expecting. So marketing material wise, I am creating very targeted brochures for nursing homes, Realtors, and Commercial Buildings. I’m also doing one for residential customers, and for Post construction clean up. I will post some of these docs for others to use when I get them finished. Has anyone else been experiencing the crazy real estate boom?

Use newspaper for cleaning windows.
Wipe windows and windows sills with a damp cloth first.
Vacuum window screens
Clean windo corners with cotton swab

is it april 1 already ?