What Are You Doing To Grow This Week?

One thing I am doing is preparing and ordering my next flier (20,000 are going out this month) and I am also looking at some other forms of advertising (secret for now- competitors). This does not include any of the little things like play with my webite and renew ads.

I am also preparing a series of letters for my current clients to boost referrals and to keep in touch. I will likely mail 1000 this month as a test.

What are you going to do this week? Put your balls on the table right now, I [B]will[/B] hold you accountable.

I am going to design my first flyer so I can begin direct mailing, get the flyer printed as soon as possible and get them mailed out as soon as I can.

The financial growth I want to achieve is usually planned out about a year in advance. This week I am working on improving my SEO skills, and combing the budget looking for $ to free up and divert towards more direct mail pieces.

This week I did my first gutter whitening job. I’ve never offered this but the condition for me getting the window cleaning part was that I did the gutter exteriors and soffits as well.

Now that I see the results I know this will be my next valuable add on and now it’s time to market it to my existing clients and all future ones.

I am focusing right now on getting out 4k fliers/direct mail pieces per month everymonth even and especially when I’m busy!

Funny you should ask. This week I’m focused on getting my Snow plowing contracts out and reeling more people in for plowing this year. We just bought another truck yesterday and we need to find more money to pay for it, plowing will do that…Pray for SNOW!!!

Fixing my website, thinking about refreshing my logo, and design postcards, business cards, and mail that “to let them know that we have a fresh look”.

Is slow for me now, and I’ll mail as many as I can afford.

I will not be doing anything but maybe make a few call backs and let my website bring me work…

That is what I like to hear!

Hold me accountable like you said!

I’m gearing up to put out 1k direct mail monthly for starters.

At the start of this month I have had 50 bandit signs put out, 1200 fliers so far and call backs done on previous customers.

These week my target is 2000 fliers and 200 more signs. ( Code enforcement hates me, but I haven’t received any fines )

Part three of my diabolical plan is to pray it STOPS RAINING!

It’s killing me. August is usually slow but :eek:

Well see.

Oh… and I am going to do a test on mail vs. flier.

Starting out this week by mailing 500 because I am poor.:wink:

Have a great day!

thata boy Louie !! Keep plugging!

I am doing direct mailing working on getting work comp for my first employee Getting Thank you cards to past customers going to chamber of commerce for networking with other business owners