What are you doing!

What are you doing to guide your company through the economic downturn.

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I marked other because it’s a combination of at least 2 of the options. We are cutting expenses and marketing aggresively.

I am drinking heavy and in crisis mode.

works for me.

So that would be other?:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. Can you vote for me? I’m drunk.

at the time of this posting…so are two other people.


Marketing Aggressively. Placed $2,500 worth of intial cleaning printed estimates just this morning. Plan on doing the same tommorow, and the next day, and the next day. Somebody will bite!

Who are your targets? Are they requesting quotes or are these unsolicited?

gee all ya got to do is take one step out of the house and stuff is stuffed down your face,im riding this one out and got a part time job

What kind of stuff?

That depends slightly on your description of an unsolicited bids. Are these people calling me asking for a bid? For the most part no. I may cold call them, and they may request a bid after a few minutes of talking. Some I have a quote already printed for them before I call on them. I’d say the precentage is 50-50 on that. I am going after the doctors offices, dentist offices, hospitals, lawyers, and so on. These area’s may not be impacted by the economy as much in my area.

I am going on a month long snowboard trip to Montana.

solicitors,very few new faces this year,I have stoped running adds for right now,good time to study

That’s my goal for next year. To take a month off and go have fun.

just give it time and you can do it baby!!!

I’ve added carpet cleaning to my repertoire. Used to do it awhile back, got burned out and went into to doing windows & gutters. Decided to provide all 3 services and so far its doing pretty well. Luckily I held on to all the equipment. Been doing alot of cross selling. If they call for window cleaning I also offer carpet cleaning and vise versa.

I have also been papering communities more and have been getting a decent response back. Mostly because Christmas is coming and so are the in-laws and family. Jan & Feb may be a totally different story.