What are you grateful for during these times?

I’m grateful to have customers that are willing to send us pre-payments for future cleanings if it will help us. Im not accepting, but it’s nice to have caring and loyal customers.

I’m grateful to be able to still provide for my longtime employee.

I’m grateful for the extra time I’ve been able to spend with my family even though we’ve been driving each other nuts from time to time.

I’m grateful for WCR providing us with this community and everything else they do!

What are you grateful for?


I am grateful for time alone at home with my wife. Even though its been a little long we are adapting.
I am grateful for any work we get.
Most of all I am grateful for my health


I’m also grateful that homeowners are paying their invoices in record times. I haven’t had to wait more than 48 hours for a payment, and almost everybody is paying within hours. It only took a pandemic!


a healthy family, and the best wife in the world, a true help meet.

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Gratitude lists rock and bout 2 weeks ago making one really helped.

-I am grateful to live in a time that once in a pandemic people gain weight.

-I am grateful to have woken up today and have my health.

-Grateful for running water, a roof, clean clothes and food in the frig.

-Grateful for WCR otherwise I would have exited the industry long ago.

-Blessed with the sales we have and the guys we have to complete them with.

-Grateful for the last 4-5 years which sucked so bad it makes this feel like nothing.

Just blessed is all


grateful for God, Family, and the opportunities ahead