What are you listening to these days

So what are you guys listening to these days on the ipods or what cds do you have loaded into you stereos in your trucks, cars etc. Its interesting to see what taste people have in music. today i was bumping

Joe strummer and the mescaleros "streetcore"
Culture “lion rock” (sick reggae by the way)
David Crowder Band “illuminate”

What are you guys listening to these days?

I sometimes write reviews for music in my friends magazines,

mostly indie stuff

I post albums I like and stuff for my family on this site,


feel free to abuse it, let me know what you like.

I couldn’t wash windows without music.

Arlen Roth - Toolin’ Around at Woodstock
David Hidalgo, Louie Perez - Unreleased Songs and Rare Recordings
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
Lettuce - Rage
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
ABB - 12/13/70 Live
Groundtruther - Longitude
MMW - The Dropper
Sleater-Kinney - The Woods
Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues
Oysterhead - The Grand Pecking Order
Critters Buggin - Monkeypot Merganizer
Gang of Four - The Peel Sessions

Ive been all over the NOFX / Rancid Bio split series for the past month… They swap each others songs out…Sick

switchfoot-oh gravity
k-os-atlantis hymns for the disco
P.O.D.-When Angels And Serpents Dance
Superchick-Rock What You’ve Got
Hawk Nelson-Hawk Nelson Is My Friend
Sanctus Real-ALL albums
Sherwood-ALL albums
Blue Rodeo-ALL albums
aaron sprinkle-ALL albums
matisyahu-ALL albums, but especially the live stuff

big b you ever hear the reggae artists joseph israel or stephen marley? those are both some i recently came across that i was impressed with.

Bluground Undergrass- Faces
Galactic- From the Corner to the Block
John Scofield- A Go Go
Danger Mouse- Ghetto Pop Life
The Smiths- Louder than Bombs
The Grateful Dead- The Dead show on KOPN 89.5fm (podcast)
moe.- The Conch
New Grass Revival- The Best of
Frank Zappa- Hot Rats
The Housemartins- The People that Grinned Themseves to Death
Sam Bush Band- 12/31/01 Roy Wilkes Auditorium, ST. PAul, MN
Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder- Live at the Charleston Music Hall
The Tony Kornheiser Show- Podcast
PTI- Podcast

That was just this past week. Too many to list all.

Larry- Hot Rats is def in my top ten Fav albums! I listen to it at least once a week

Ahhhh… a classic. First time I heard ‘Peaches en Regalia’ I was hooked.

For me lately it’s been:
[]Muse - Black Holes and Revelations
]Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
[]Yes - My own compilation
]Camel - Mirage lp - Moon Madness lp - The Snow Goose lp
[]King Crimson - My own compilation (early years)
]Rush - My own compilation (early years up til 1982)

Next time I see Skerik, I’m gonna ask him to consider playing The Gumbo Variations – I’ve always thought it would be perfect for him.

Johnny Clegg and Savuka, Ziggy Marley, of Course the Dead, U2, Crosby Stills and Nash, and for the musical entertainment of the little ones The Beastie Boys!!!

Tom petty
Van Morrison ( “cleaning windows” of course)
Thin lizzy
Crash test dummies
Stevie Nicks
Janis Joplin
Just dragged myself into the 21st century and bought an MP3 player, so Im hearing most of this for the first time in 10-15 years

[SIZE=-1]Holy Bible - NKJV Audio
[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Casting Crowns - [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Lifesong
Newsboys - Thrive; Devotion
[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Eric Clapton - [/SIZE]The Road to Escondido
Heart For Israel- Worship, Volume 2
[SIZE=-1]Willie Dixon - Poet of the Blues; I am The Blues
[/SIZE]Howlin’ Wolf - Back Door Man
[SIZE=-1]Johnny Lee Hooker - [/SIZE]It Serves Me Right
[SIZE=-1]Bob James - [/SIZE]Urban Flamingo
The Five Blind Boys of Alabama [B]- [/B]Down in New Orleans
[SIZE=-1]Big Bad Voodoo Daddy[/SIZE] - [SIZE=-1]BBVD
Glenn Miller - [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]The Essential Glenn Miller
Stevie Ray Vaughn - Texas Flood
[/SIZE]Mannheim Steamroller - Fresh Aire 8
Mark Knopfler -Sailing To Philadelphia
And others…

Chris i like the Rancid intro to Nation 11 sick!!! Its cool to see what people are listening to. Insane mix of music going on in this thread, I like that!

Yeah Ive been a fan of there for like 15 years… Im finally going to see them this August… Im very excited about it…

Its amazing to see what people are listening… I really need to devote an entire weekend to getting my music organized… I have literally 40 gigs of digital music thats just a total mess. Nothings tagged or organized right… I gotta get on it…

In the truck - Pink Floyd, Nickelback & Siouxsie & the Banshees. On the job - Chill out Ibiza, Cafe de Mar Opera 1 & The Cure - 17 seconds. Why is it that the harder music I relax to & the chill out music I get pumped to? Is it my rebelious streak?


I thought that was a reference to something else.

Haha, that’s what I thought. :smiley:

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Perhaps you bring out our inner pork!

I used to live in Santa Cruz, so I know the reason I became swined-out (take note, your Fensterness):

Thank goodness they came to Paradise last year!

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