What are you up to...?

Well im going to do 6 snow removal estimates… seriously … didn’t remember these coming in this early last year

Farmer’s Almanac and NOAA both are predicting a very cold winter in the northeast. From my hikes lately, I have noticed that the squirrels have very bushy tails already, a old country way of predicting that they are stuffing their bellies for a cold one.

Feels like an early fall already. I’m gearing up for gutter cleaning and anticipating a very busy season.

Snow removal already??? Where do you live the alps?

Sitting at my bank opening up a business savings to separate all my tax stuff out of my operating budget. Then switching liability ins companies and bumping up from 300,000 to 1 mil! Then flyering - busy day!

Downloading iOS 7, going to the gym, then getting ready for a Blink 182 concert on friday!

Come on! Really! We can’t get it to rain more than 10 minutes here. I need to see what they say about CEN TEX area. I did see a snow flake last year maybe get to see 2 this year.
Lazy day today prepping for tomorrows 5 ceiling fan installs, 2 garage PWs and 2 new const OSW

What the 'ell is stinking rain?
Maybe this weekend jack.
It’s “supposed” to get under 95degrees with 2 tropical storms to our west and one in the gulf…
That should give us a spit.

Spits is what we got. Only seems to hit a certain part of town, the part where my windows are. The bad part of new homes is they wait until the last minute to lay grass, for obvious reasons. That means if we get a bit of rain the outside windows are much more fun because all the mud. If cannot hit before the rain I will trans the cleaning kit onto a sled to pull around the house. :slight_smile: So getting a skid ready, as well.


I’m up to about 6’5…

C-Clear Window Cleaning
© 903.261.3806

Pondering the Universe…Hmmmm,Oh yeah hit the storefront route to today easy $$$$.

Did a commercial route today. Last day for an employee. Picked up two definite new account, maybe two others.

So do you have another person to replace the lost employee?


… Cleaning windows today. Feels good. First full week of work since early July. Went to Europe with my band (shriblues.com) for a month,
and then the ‘monsoons’ which usually end 2nd - 3rd week in August, just finished up for the most part. So i’m several weeks behind where I wanted to be. Guess I just have to push it this fall. People here don’t even want to know me when the rainy season hits. Tonight I finalized my next eddm card and got it sent off to the printer. 10,000 pieces, biggest one yet.

Actually, no. And a second employee is looking for another job. We are mutually okay with this :). When that happens, it’ll be back to myself and one REAL good employee.

Well that just make you a little leaner & meaner…:cool:

So the 2 accounts you picked up today were they close to your route or in the route flow and were they referrals or new walk up accounts?

Tim, the one that may end up three was from a man and wife who were at a salon where I clean windows. They are right in the center of that route. The other one I booked was from the recommendation of an existing customer and is within a mile of where I normally travel on that route. It’s not going to be often, but a good-sized one, $250.

Nice, got to like having a new customer within the route.

[COLOR="#0000CD"]3x or 4x a year is good[/COLOR].

Slow transition to winter…Oh summer, just stay a little bit longer, please)

remember …