What defines a good customer?

They come in all types. Some of my favorite customers are some of the most particular. Others can really joke with. Others have written me thank you cards in broken English.

Any of yours in particular come to mind?

  • The ones that schedule their next service as they’re paying for the current one. I play way too much phone tag with customers. And I hate telling them I’m booked out 5 weeks, when they need it done in 3.

  • The customers who go ahead of me and move everything out of my way, without me even asking.

  • Customers who store their screens over the winter in a central location, so all I have to do is wash and reinstall them in the spring.

  • The picky customers who sing my praises, so that when their friends call for a quote, they just say, “whatever the price, I’m sure you’re worth it. If xxxxx is happy with your work, you must be awesome.”

  • Oh, and tippers are nice, too.


I had a new customer we
Picked up from a business we do. He said, “I like what you do, I’m not price conscious, and you can come whenever you can fit it in, hopefully every 3-4 months.” Exterior only, no screens, and he paid 2 hours after I emailed him the invoice.

A customer like that makes me want to do a great job.

My favorite part of the job is meeting people, though. So I would say customers who are fun to chat with are good ones.


Hahaha. One of my favorites is when the customer is never home while I do my work.


Yes, and they actually leave payment on the counter!


•The ones who leave a blank check… and then call to ‘complain’ when you didn’t charge enough. (True story.)

•Or how 'bout the ones that when you tell them the price will be $350, they say, “let’s make it $400. That’s a lot of work, and you do an awesome job.”


I like the ones that say show up whenever you want


Looking back on this thread, I realize that I have gotten seriously spoiled.

And I have discovered the inverse relationship between the cost of the job, and the pickiness/difficulty of the customer. It makes me feel really bad for the self-employed guys I know who are making barely livable incomes, working for some of the most obnoxious and difficult to please people.


Same here. It is really hard to understand when I hear other people talking about nightmare customers, especially talking as though it is a regular occurance they have to deal with. I truly have never had one.

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They pop up now and again. I somehow find a way to weed them out. :wink:

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Yup , were booked 3 months or were not doing estimates for this month anymore . Yup I’ll be $850 to clean your 30 windows , lol , I think I learned that here

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