What devolves organic debris on glass and frames?

I meant “dissolves”, not “devolves.” Is there any way to edit the title?..


When I say “organic” I mean food, plants stuff, sap, pollen, insect and bird waste, etc.

I have used goof-off to “melt away” paint and adhesives, I’ve used cement-off to “dissolve” cement, but I would like to know what can be sprayed on to get off these other things with little or no irritation.


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[SIZE=3]You could use One Restore diluted mix.

To applie this is how it is done.[/SIZE]

One/Safe Restore by EaCo Chem to Clean Windows. - YouTube

If I remember correctly, alkaline cleaners dissolve organic substances and acids dissolve inorganic. Ammonia, as much a caution as it carries, is an alkaline. ph of 11.6.

Thanks guys! Any more ideas?