What Did You Do Today to Insure Success Tomorrow?

What is it you are doing right now that will keep (or get) your business strong and healthy?

Are you optimizing SEO, creating fliers or postcards, developing customer relation campaigns, adding services, writing letters, hitting the streets, forming alliances… what are you doing?

Feel free to share what you will do. At least come back to this post every day to remind yourself there is something that can be getting done right now to improve your business.

I know I will

It’s snowing again!!! So I’m home sending out post cards to all my regular customers. They’re brand new post cards. I spent the big bucks to go first class with my professional logo on the post card, glossy and five colors, real sharp.

Sent 9,700 cards
Emailed 2,800 real estate agents
Mailed reminders to 60 repeat customers

SEO for sure.
Also, steady flow of postcards/flyers each month targetting the same houses every 2 months.

I tuned up the website a bit and worked on our direct mail schedule…

I put together 7,563.00 worth of WFP estimates out there. A little shy of my goal for the week, but it’s only Monday.