What do I say in this situation?

I have been door knocking for the past few months with incredible results, but there has been a large percentage of homeowners that just say “I do it meself, yeah i just hose em off every now and then”. Is it best to just thank them for their time and move on or would it be better to explain the disadvantages of their way of cleaning/benefits of the correct technique blah blah blah. I have tried this on a few occasions to no avail. Is there anything else that I can say to get these of people interested?

How about cleaning the biggest picture window for free. And leaving your card? I haven’t tried that myself, but just a thought.

This is the polite way of telling you to kick rocks.


saying NO.

Anyone in aggressive sales knows to get 10 no’s before giving up. That doesn’t mean from 10 different people, but I guess that goes without saying.


" I do it myself ".


"That’s great. You know the windows are the most expensive part of the home. Alot of people don’t protect their investment the way you do. When we do the windows we make sure to wipe out all your sills where dirt builds up and make sure the frames are clean. Lot of folks don’t realize just how fast sitting dirt can deteriorate your window frames setting you up for a HUGE expense.

If you would like it will only take me a second to do a quick walk around of the property. What I’ll do is leave you a written no obligation estimate with a cover letter that explains what we do and how we do it, a list of references you are welcome to call, and last but not least - the price."


  1. kept it positive.
    (and ignored the brush off)
  2. stroked their ego.
    (drops their defenses)
  3. built value.
    (not only for them but why they should choose us)
  4. tried for another close.
    (it’s free and it’s no obligation, I’m not selling the estimate I am giving it
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Thats good stuff Louie!

If they tell you that they hose there windows, tell them that they will destroy their glass overtime from hard water. even if they have a water softener. it still will damage the glass.

How will it damage the glass?

Yeah… I know;)

You know what they say…

“those who can’t… teach.”

(I used to date a school teacher that said that all the time.)

My city tap water is 026. That is not considered hard water. Would my glass be damaged or destroyed?

maybe, just maybe they just are not interested in hiring a window cleaner.

I can’t see any harm softened water can do to a window. I think most class hard water as 150 tds onwards - it varies from state to state, country to country. If they were wooden windows I would have reservations - even now I avoid wfping wooden frames. But that’s my personal theory.

I also feel it is an assumption they hose the windows. I am always told they’re just using windex and paper towel

Mine is 500

So hell yes it will **** it up

Thats some kool stuff. Did some more door knocking today and got a few more responses like the one before. I’ll try this or something of the like next time. cheers


Mine is 500

So hell yes it will **** it up[/QUOTE]
You didn’t answer my question.

My problem with this statement is that water passed through a water softener would damage their glass - & you telling them so. Water from the tap at 026 would not harm glass.

I don’t hard sell anyone. If they don’t want your service I would recommend walking from the job. When you convince a doubting person that your service is going to make their life easier or happier. You better be able to produce. Producing in a cleaning industry is very hard as clean is a relative term. What they consider clean may not be what you consider clean. Many times when starting out people are so driven to just get the job on the books they will jump through hoops to get it. My experience has been that customers who bust your balls over price or not wanting your service, who are then sold on your service because you have a silver tongue. Become the customers who are convinced you like to have your legs opened and get a nice swift kick to your jewelry. I had a customer at the start of the season who called me for service, bitched at my price. Called me back a few days later to book. I booked her. When I got to the home she now wanted windows pulled off the clean list so her price was lower. I told her I do not do business this way. Pulling windows from my list must be discussed before the job is scheduled because I will not drive out to a home if the price is not worth my time. I was already there so I took on the work. She removed 1/2 her homes windows. She left for a little while, her husband comes home and tells me to complete the whole job. I explain to him his wife did not want the whole job done and he told me to go do it anyway. My guy and I get 90% of the way done, he leaves again, she comes home. She freaks out on me, refuses to pay for the whole service. I tell her to speak to her husband and of course now she can’t get him on the phone. I sat there paying my guy and hourly rate for 1 1/2 hours waiting for her to get a hold of her husband. Never got him. I swear it was a bamboozle. I got so ****ed with standing around. I charged her that mornings agreed price. The original price was $400 and change. She got the whole house done for $200. Over 1/2 off. The windows have never been cleaned and sills had so much crap in them. We cleaned them all out but could not get everything as some of the stuff was just stuck on. She had the balls to call me the next morning and complain about it. This is the only time I lost it on a customer. I told her “You and your husband have some scam going on there. You scammed me to do your entire home for 1/2 the price an now you expect me to come out and clean your sills which were already cleaned? You can go F yourself.” I hung up and was so ****ed for the rest of the day. Moral of story, stick to your price no matter what. I won’t let things like this happen to me again. Either you pay my price or you hire someone else. If people want a cheap window cleaner, then they can hire the dirtbag to who will use a dirt rag.

As far as water damaging the glass over time if they use the hose? Why not try and sell them on a sprinkler system that will spray their windows? Then they don’t have to do anything at all. I think if you told a potential client that comment they would look at you a little strange. That’s like telling a carpenter “Nails will damage the wood over time.”

It will still spot larry…

over time, yes it would damage the glass

Louie, great insights, man. Thx for sharing those. You are slick…

Hate to differ, but no it won’t.