What do post constrction cleaning companies charge per sq?

Hey everyone! New on here and my wife and I are starting a post construction cleaning company that will also do inside and outside windows. Please help us out with the going rate per sq foot that includes windows.

We are in the Midwest and thanks in advance!

Are you asking to include the general cleaning of floors, trim cabinets, everything as well as windows?

In my area most construction cleanup companies charge to clean per square foot and charge the windows seperately. I have a friend who’s mother owns her own company in another town about 1.5 hours from me. From what he’s told me her normally square foot rate is .35 cent a square foot. And normally charge per window is 15 bucks.


Yes a total clean of the entire home.

Thanks for the info. May i ask what part of the country this is?

Panhandle of Florida

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Same in this area (SW Florida). Standard is 15-20 per window, and the rest of the cleanup is billed separately around 30-40 cents per Sq ft

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Thanks for the info. We are in the midwest and are thinking of charing .35-40 sq foot and have that include windows. Would appreciate any other thoughts as well. Thanks!

Do you mean not include window cleaning?

Think you want to charge additional for window cleaning

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Pretty sure you don’t want that.

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Most new homes are now being built as modern homes . With glass from floor to ceiling and lot of high glass . Don’t charge glass by the homes sqft


I have seen 2,000 sq ft houses with 10 windows. I have also seen the same size house with more than 20 windows. I would charge by the window.

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Do you think .35 per sq foot is fair to chatge withiut including the windows? Let me know your thoughts.

.35-45 cents per square foot without windows. I typically have a sliding range to make sure I hit my hourly estimate… So sometimes I bid anyplace form .35-50 depending on what the number comes up to and how long I think it will take to complete the job.

Is that without windows?

With out. I bill windows separately.

What part of the country? Thanks!


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